Move Over Cindy Crawford! Karlie Kloss & Joan Smalls On Being MTV House Of Style Hosts

08 September 2012 by

Who could possibly fill Cindy Crawford's Miu Mius? This is the question the world asked when rumours first emerged that House of Style, the beloved '90s fashion show, will be making a comeback. La Crawford, the ultimate supermodel, presented the MTV show which gave us mere mortals a behind-the-scenes look into the wonderful world of modelling.

We watched as up-and-coming supers Linda Evangelista, Helena Christensen and Christy Turlington (you may have heard of them) made their way in the fashion industry. Naomi Campbell was seen using acne medicine - GASP! - and Cindy Crawford was filmed rapping with Will Smith - HA! It really was brilliant, but - let's be honest - us 20-somethings can barely remember it.

Now we have the answer to our question. Karlie Kloss and Joan Smalls are the ones stepping into Cindy's awfully large shoes as the new hosts - and we say they're a fine choice. There's no doubt the catwalking duo are THE models-of-the-moment and we can't wait to see their genuine friendship bubbling on screen. Because, as the gallery above proves, this impossibly gorgeous pair really are BFFs. 'Joan and I... we are both very young, but we have done a lot,' Karlie says. 'And we know each other very well and have a sense of camaraderie.'

The show is set to relaunch on October 9th and we've already been treated to a sneak peek of the twosome together [above] and my, aren't they adorable. 'It's a new era, we have lots of work ahead of us!' Karlie and Joan squeal. 'It's our world, the fashion world and the music world.' Staying true to that original off-the-cuff vibe, K & J will take us backstage and show a new generation of viewers how fashion and music go hand in hand.

What is different about the new series is that rather than being restricted to a telly box, House of Style will be presented as a bi-weekly, five-minute web-based series on MTV Style. 'I think that gives us even more opportunities to reach viewers,” Klossy says. 'There are so many ways you can reach people through the Internet, with social media, vlogs, so it’s a smart way to attract viewers.'

Considering major fashion players including Jean Paul Gaultier, Dolce & Gabbana and Marc Jacobs as well as a pre-Virgin Suicides Sofia Coppola and Winona Ryder featured on the original show, we're hoping more iconic names will be on the bill. Speaking to Refinery 29, the pair revealed they 'would love to see Ricardo (Tisci) and Kanye West sit down together' - and so would we!

But question of all questions: how will Karlie and Joan compare to Lady C? Karlie admitted she would like to channel the beauty-marked supermodel. 'We have to get pointers from her,' she told Fashionista. 'She should be our first interview! She wasn’t much older than us when she hosted it.'

Oh wow, this is gonna be good. Check out this clip from the HOS documentary for a taster of what's to come - or even just to gawp at a young Anna Wintour...


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