Kristen Stewart Arrives For Toronto Film Festival Wearing Robert Pattinson's IRIE T-shirt

06 September 2012 by

 Kristen Stewart Arrives For Toronto Film Festival Wearing Robert Pattinson's IRIE T-shirt Kristen Stewart Arrives For Toronto Film Festival Wearing Robert Pattinson's IRIE T-shirt

It's the moment we've been waiting for: Kristen Stewart's first official outing since that scandalous affair scandal broke. The actress is due to appear at Toronto Film Festival to promote On The Road this week and early this morning, photos landed of her arriving at Toronto's Pearson International Airport, sending those Robsten fans into a frenzy.

Because while the other players in this love square have sent subliminal messages with their style - from Liberty Ross' 'I'm no victim' ensembles to Robert Pattinson's 'look what you're missing' Gucci suit - Kristen also appears to be using her wardrobe to tell her heartbroken (ex?) boyfriend he's still close to her heart *sniff*

Yep, that IRIE T-shirt Kristen sported for the flight from LA was first seen on Pattinson himself - he was snapped wearing it back in July 2011 while dog walking with BFF Tom Sturridge, aka: Mr Sienna Miller. What's more, she's still wearing the gold ring and pendant that Rob gave her. Aw. Presumably that All Saints Rixey bomber jacket in her hand does not belong to R-Patz, but you can buy it here for £395, K-Stew fans.

What's more, 'Irie' means 'being at total peace with your current state of being' (according to the ever-reliable Urban Dictionary) so is this Kristen's way of telling the world she's doing just fine? Oh, so many possible messages that we could spent HOURS debating. 

Kristen's previous out-of-hiding outfits have also featured R-Patz mementos. When she stepped out earlier this month in a belly-flashing crop top and skinny grey jeans, the Baltimore Orioles hat worn backwards a-top her head and that rucksack on her back are straight from Rob's wardrobe. Is clothes swapping a testament to her undying love? We sure hope so.

The 22-year-old Twilight star is due to hit the red carpet at the film festival any. minute. now. so we'll bring you photos pronto. The question is: will Kristen be wearing one of Pattzy's Gucci cast-offs? Only time will tell...

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Gina Bowlsbey (Thu Sep 06 13:08:15 BST 2012): Clearly it is not Rob's shirt but a shirt like his that they bought over a year ago. She would be swimming in a shirt his size.
Wanda Jones Poggi (Thu Sep 06 14:02:09 BST 2012): glad u r keeping up with world newa. lol
Gina Bowlsbey (Thu Sep 06 15:42:26 BST 2012): She's in Canada! lol
Wanda Jones Poggi (Thu Sep 06 15:44:47 BST 2012): with whom?
Gina Bowlsbey (Thu Sep 06 15:47:42 BST 2012): The cast of her new movie at the Toronto Film Festival
Wanda Jones Poggi (Thu Sep 06 15:50:07 BST 2012): Do u think she and Rob will get back together? Do u think the more mature Director took advantage of her youth?
Gina Bowlsbey (Thu Sep 06 16:19:46 BST 2012): I don't know and Absolutely! If this happened after the final movie was released I don't think people would have cared as much.
Anjelita Camacho (Thu Sep 06 16:39:38 BST 2012): Have you notice that rupert still wears his wedding ring and liberty dosent and kristen is wearing robert clothes and it looks that robert bought new clothes and hats.
Anjelita Camacho (Thu Sep 06 16:46:49 BST 2012): I still think there two different shirts if you look at robert shirt the neckline is to wide and big and the one kristen is wearing is to thin it looks feminen i dont know it could be kristen shirt and robert just borrow from her.
Andrew Prince (Sat Sep 08 07:32:42 BST 2012): IRIE is Jamaican Rastafarian abbreviation of "I Respect I Eternally". Meaning you have respect for yourself; being happy with who you are. Positive emotions or feelings, or anything that is good. Specifically it refers to high emotions and peaceful vibrations.