Katie Holmes On Not Being Trend-Driven, Designing Kids Wear PLUS Holmes & Yang At New York Fashion Week

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Katie Holmes On Not Being Trend-Driven, Designing Kids Wear PLUS Holmes & Yang At New York Fashion Week Katie Holmes On Not Being Trend-Driven, Designing Kids Wear PLUS Holmes & Yang At New York Fashion Week

Katie Holmes with Bobbi Brown - images courtesy of WWD

She's the first celebrity face for Bobbi Brown and will hold her first New York Fashion Week presentation on Wednesday - oh, and you may have heard she's just gone through a high-profile divorce - so all eyes are on Katie Holmes right now. WWD were lucky enough to sit down with the 33-year-old to discuss her fashion business, Holmes & Yang, which she set up back in 2009 with stylist Jeanne Yang. As for the Bobbi Brown deal, we now know she will act as the beauty brand’s muse as well as a full-blown collaborator - while her face will appear in the ad campaign, her name will appear on a capsule collection of cosmetics due to land next year. Talk about a Holmes run *chortle*

On the fashion world:
“When you go in and you show your clothing, you think that they’re going to buy the whole collection. And when they don’t, you’re like, ‘What do you mean? It all goes together. So what do we do with this?’ So that was new, but I think that’s kind of a life thing — ‘What, you don’t want all of me?’”

On the press frenzy:
“I have a lot of feelings about the press. There are a lot of people with much bigger problems and who are less fortunate. I try to keep it all in perspective.”

On why Holmes & Yang chose this season to stage their first NYFW presentation:
"The brand is growing and expanding, and so we thought we would have something a little more substantial.”

On holding a presentation rather than a full-blown show:
“We’ve been very gradual from the beginning, and part of that has been because we’ve wanted to take the time to get to know the business, get to know the right stores — and, most importantly, to get to know the customer and what she needs. In terms of the presentation versus the show, we felt a presentation was more appropriate for the clothes we sell. It’s a little more our speed in the way we wanted to go about it, and more of a transition for us from meeting privately with buyers in a hotel room to going right to a big show.”

On the Holmes & Yang aesthetic:
"It's very simple, with very classic lines. We use a lot of silks and leathers and suedes. This year, we’re excited because we’ve incorporated a lot of new trims. It’s basically pieces that have evolved from basics, but not too far. They’re just nice, well-made luxury items that highlight the woman wearing them. We have a lot of casual, and gowns, some unique jackets.”

On working with Jeanne Yang:
“She has incredible taste, and I look to her for a lot of guidance. I’ll have an idea, and I’ll say, ‘Jeanne, is this good or is it not?’ And she gives her opinion, and she’s very generous. She comes from one way of looking at things, I come from another, and we always meet in the middle and are very appreciative of the other person. We’ve never, in all this time, gotten into a fight over a look. It’s usually like, ‘Oh, really? Yeah, that’s perfect! I’m so glad you thought of that.’ It sounds like, ‘Yeah, right,’ but it’s true. Even when I’m leaving the house, I’m like, ‘Jeanne, is it good?’

On why they started the line:
“When Jeanne and I decided to do this — we’re both mothers; our daughters are very good friends — and I said, ‘Jeanne, this has to be something that we enjoy, because we want to do it with our girls here.’ We started off because we wanted to have shirts that were well-made and went with everything. I just want something I can wear all the time and nobody’s going to say, ‘Oh, I saw that yesterday.’ We try to make beautiful things, and we’re not so trend-driven. We try to do a touch of rock ’n’ roll with our stuff, but keep it very classic.”

On children’s wear:
"It’s a lot of work for a price point that really doesn’t make sense for that age. Obviously, they can’t wear them very long.”

Aw, looks like little Suri won't be trussed up in Holmes & Yang any time soon - but will she be at Wednesday's show? Watch this space.




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