Guest Blogger: Forget 'Jersey Shore'! Charlotte Crowley Of 'Girl Next Door Fashion' Tells Us Why She Loves New Jersey

28 August 2012 by

In June 2012, I moved from the ever cold, ever rainy and ever grey British summer to the warm, sunny New Jersey Shore. Seaside Heights, New Jersey to be precise; home of one of America's classiest imports, MTV's Jersey Shore. Here, you can buy tshirts with the Jersey Shore logo on, see the house where they lived and visit their favourite clubs for a fist pumping good time (I believe). If you're lucky (?), you might also sneak a chance at the cast, if you can see them behind the crowd of MTV cameras and police (true story). I disgress. Being a nerdy fashion lover from the UK, the attractions of the Jersey Shore for me are not rooted in celebrity sightings or drunken escapades, but there are still plenty of fun things here to do in Seaside Heights. It's a popular tourist destination, not just for MTV lovers, but for its sandy beaches, arcade games and general seaside fun. While I'm not working as a lifeguard at the local waterpark, here are some of my favourite things to do in Seaside Heights...

1. Head to the beach
Okay, if I’m honest, I’m not really a sun, sea and sand kinda girl, but Seaside Heights lives up to its name if you’re a fan of the beach! The busier beaches are right down by the boardwalk in Seaside Heights, or you can head up to Seaside Park for a quieter day. The weather is almost always beach- ready and if you need to cool off, take a dip in the Atlantic!

2. Walk along the boardwalk
I unashamedly love the Seaside Heights boardwalk. Sure, it’s like a Scooby Doo cartoon of arcade game, pizza place, ice cream stand, arcade game, pizza place… you get the idea. But hey, where else can you get a slice of chocolate covered bacon and a deep fried Twix right on your doorstep? Seaside Heights’ boardwalk is chockfull of traditional arcade games and game stands, so try your luck and you might come home with a giant toy pig. Good luck getting that through airport security!

3. Ride the rides at Casino Pier and Funtown Pier
Are you a thrill seeker? If so, there are lots of fun rides on the pier, including rollercoasters, go karts and bumper cars. If you have the guts (and $20 to burn!) make sure you check out the Skyscraper ride. Being thrown up 162 feet high and spun around at 70 miles an hour isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s definitely an experience you will never forget! If you want even more rides, Seaside Heights is only a 40 minute drive away from Six Flags Great Adventure, one of the most thrilling theme parks in the US. It’s definitely worth a visit to ride Kingda Ka- the tallest and second fastest rollercoaster in the world!

4. Grab something to eat and a cocktail or two
Despite the traditional fare of the boardwalk being your typical pizza, ice cream and chips, there are actually some great places to eat in Seaside. Park Seafood has award winning crab cakes and delicious fresh fish with three locations on the boardwalk- one sit down restaurant and two neighbouring stands, one serving fresh fish, salads and sandwiches and the other specialising in fried fish treats. Spicy Cantina and Grill on the boardwalk is also great for Mexican food and cocktails, but if Mexican is your thing also check out Casa Del Sol. It’s a couple of blocks away from the boardwalk and looks like someone’s living room, but the Mexican food is cheap and the portions definitely require a doggy bag. While the cast of Jersey Shore prefer Club Karma on the Boulevard, Hemmingways Café is the place to go for a more sophisticated tipple. They also have a fine dining and sushi menu.

5. Take a trip to the waterpark where I work!
Finally, of course, if you’re in Seaside Heights you really should visit Breakwater Beach Waterpark, the waterpark where I’ve spent my summer working as a lifeguard! We have some fantastic slides and it’s a great day out for all the family, especially on a hot New Jersey day.

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