Louise Gray On Her Not-So-Grey Topshop Collection: 'It's all stuff I want to wear!'

23 August 2012 by

If you go down to Topshop, you're in for a lot of FUN. Louise Gray's collection for the high-street hero arrives this week and we were lucky enough to get a sneak preview last night. Our verdict? It's bloomin’ brilliant!

We've long loved the London Fashion Week designer's poptastic brights, clashing textures and bold accessories so a big thanks to Topshop for giving us a bite of the eclectic action - and for a slice of the price. From white T-shirts covered in smiley faces to sequinned bomber jackets, these pieces aren't just for brave fashion bunnies who love lashings of sparkle — the pieces are actually really wearable. And as if that wasn't enough, Louise has treated us to a makeup range too that also stays true to her signature maverick mash-up — note the glitter pots and flouro eye colours.

So it was hardly surprising to see Topshop's Edited space on Oxford Street utterly rammed with fash-fans at last night's press preview. Henry Holland popped by to lend his designer pal some support while Jamie Winstone was spotted squealing over the floral jackets and sparkling tops. A Louise-look-a-like DJ pumped out party tunes in one corner and in the other, beauty bloggers were giving the products their seal of approval. Amid the bustle, we grabbed five with the really very lovely Scot designer...

Grazia Daily: This is very exciting! How are you feeling?

Louise Gray: Really excited actually. It's really nice to see it all together. I've been working on it for a year so...

Grazia Daily: Why did you decide to work with Topshop?

Louise Gray: They've supported my catwalk collections for two and a half years, I've done Fashion Forward and NEWGEN with them so when it came to me doing a collaboration, this seemed like the perfect match.

Grazia Daily: Topshop have collaborated with the likes of Mary Katrantzou and Kate Moss in the past. Is that intimidating when you're creating your own collection?

Louise Gray: Not really, you just do what you want to do with the opportunity.

Grazia Daily: What was the starting point of the collaboration?

Louise Gray: We started with the makeup range then added in the clothes because we want it to feel like the whole picture. It's mostly because I wear so much makeup and have a massive beauty focus when I do the shows so I wanted it to be half my makeup bag, half clothes that you'd see on my catwalk.

Grazia Daily: So you're inspired by your own personal wardrobe?

Louise Gray: Yeah, totally. It's all stuff I want to wear. I never do stuff that I don't. I wouldn't want to do it otherwise.

Grazia Daily: Who are you looking forward to wearing your Topshop collection?

Louise Gray: I can't wait for it to go into the shops and for the real girls to get it. That's the exciting bit for me, to see how they style the pieces. And that's why the makeup is brilliant because you can buy it for six quid and you get an instant hit of something to play with.

Grazia Daily: Do you have a particular muse in mind when designing?

Louise Gray: I have loads. I really like indie girls and the music tonight reflects that, like Madonna, Gwen Stefani... I change all time though. Every six months, I fall in love with someone else!

Grazia Daily: Have you always been really into makeup?

Louise Gray: I dip in and out. I'm really girlie so I've always loved hair and makeup and the products at Topshop are really good. I already bought their makeup because it's so colourful.

Grazia Daily: And who inspires you beauty wise?

Louise Gray: I can't tell you! You'll have to wait till fashion week...

Grazia Daily: We can't wait! What can we expect from your show this season?

Louise Gray: It's Spring Summer so it's my time. It's really good for all the textiles, all the colours. I can't believe it's only four weeks to go!

Grazia Daily: How are the preparations coming along?

Louise Gray: Fast! But we shall see...

Grazia Daily: When we saw Giles Deacon, he had a suggestion for you...

Louise Gray: Oh yes, what did Giles Deacon say?

Grazia Daily: ...that you should name your line 'Fifty Shades of Gray'. Genius, no?

Louise Gray: Oh, hilarious. Cheeky! I haven't read the book but I always get really funny press lines because my style is so opposite of [the colour] grey.

Grazia Daily: Exactly!

Louise Gray: Ah, there's my tutor from Central Saint Martins [waves].

Grazia Daily: You have a lot of support here tonight so we'll stop hogging you and let you get back to your fans! Thanks Louise.


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