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Little Mix's Perrie Slammed For Wearing A Bindi: What Do YOU Think Of The Trend?

Jeremy Scott's autumn/winter'12-13 bindis on the catwalk.

What does a bindi mean to you? Religious decoration? Gwen Stefani circa the early No Doubt days? Something you used to wear to a school disco? A beauty trend that's resurfacing on the catwalks (see Jeremy Scott autumn/winter’12) and finding its way into many festival wardrobes? However you feel about them, there's one helluva furore going on in Twitterland because of the stick on versions of these adornments - and it may come as no surprise, that like 99 per cent of full-on Twitter hatred, it has something to do with One Direction! Bear with us on this one...

The bindi debate: Perrie 'Little Mix' Edwards wore when visiting boyfriend Zayn 'One Direction' Malik's family.

So, Perrie Edwards of Little Mix went to visit her 1D boyfriend Zayn Malik’s family to celebrate Eid on the weekend. Perrie wore - what was most likely a fashion choice and nothing more sinister than that - a little sparkly bindi. Online users guffawed in confusion: accusations ranged from trying to ‘mistakenly fit in’ with Zayn’s family - his father British Pakistani and mother British - to fuming that that Perrie was racist, ignorant and all shades of nasty Twitter-speak. Perrie doesn’t appear to have responded, but Zayn has coincidentally deleted his Twitter account yesterday stating that, “The reason I don't tweet as much as I used to, is because I'm sick of all the useless opinions and hate that I get daily. Goodbye Twitter”

Bindi-wearing popstars Gwen Stefani and Katy Perry.

Bindis are traditionally Hindu, but also worn by many Muslim women in South and South East Asia. Should they therefore be worn by these two groups only? They’re cropping up on blogs quicker than you can say eyelash glue…. And we all know fashion is no stranger to being finding inspiration in religious iconography and traditional dress; nun’s habits, Buddha prints, rosary necklaces… Is it wrong? Or are there degrees of acceptability? If so, what exactly is the tipping point? Tell us your thoughts below.


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Averil White (Wed Dec 12 22:40:41 GMT 2012): Actually, saying that they should only be worn by certain groups....THAT's the racist view. It's a fashion statement, no more!
Princess Kaitlin Grunow (Fri Mar 15 19:56:29 GMT 2013): i couldnt agree with yu more they r just picking on her bcuz she's new to the music industry and so his Zayn but still its bullshit leave her alone
MK Kennedy (Tue Apr 30 23:48:50 BST 2013): its a fashion statemen no moret? are you fucking kidding me? you guys need to look up cultural appropriation. people are not picking on her because she's new to the music industry. I don't know the story behind this picture, but if she did wear it as a shallow fashion statement without even knowing what it means and wore it to 'fit in' then that's pretty cringe. and insensitive. like would you everrrr?
MK Kennedy (Fri May 03 11:23:45 BST 2013): i had no idea this posted to facebook ahhh skynet
Liane Johnston (Tue May 07 23:07:55 BST 2013): appropriation what is that can I eat it.
Crystal Rubalcava (Sat Oct 19 02:08:25 BST 2013): HOW DUMB R U. Oh my god.