Forbes' List Of The World's Most Powerful Women Has Arrived: Is Lady Gaga More Influential Than These World Leaders?

23 August 2012 by

American business magazine Forbes has published their list of the World's 100 Most Powerful Women which, as ever, has started a bit of a debate. Fashionista have pointed out that at number 33 on the list, Diane von Furstenberg is the highest ranking woman in fashion - whilst Anna Wintour comes in at 51. We don't question that Ms von Furstenberg is a very powerful woman but we just can't believe that Wintour comes in at a whole eight-TEEN places below her. Even Forbes notes in the profile for US Vogue's editor-in-chief that she is 'the most powerful woman in fashion.' Eh?

Then there's Lady Gaga, who Forbes say is the 14th most powerful woman in the world - beating the President of Argentina, the Prime Minister of Thailand and The Queen. Who would've thought singing 'I WANNA TAKE A RIDE ON YOUR DISCO STICK' and wearing slabs of meat could get you so far? Yet whilst Gaga lacks the political clout of others on the list, her influence over pop culture and army of fans (over 28m followers on Twitter - and counting) means she wields a considerable amount of power.

Plus there are those who are missing - if Jennifer Lopez and Shakira have made it, then where's Rihanna, the girl-of-the-moment/year/generation? And if JK Rowling comes in at 78, then shouldn't EL James make an appearence? Whatever we think of her writing - and let's face it, she's no Booker Prize Winner - we can't deny the unstoppable force of 50 Shades.

And that's not to mention Forbes' inevitably American perspective on female power players. But whatever our contentions with the list, one thing's for sure: the women who've made it are an inspiration to us all.

So, are there any more suprises? Who else did Lady Gaga beat? And who made it to number one? Find out by clicking through the gallery above...

by Stephanie Soh


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