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It's A Fash-Off! As Lady Gaga Competes With Kylie Minogue's Concert, We Compare Their Stage Outfits

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When Kylie Minogue sent a tweet complimenting Lady Gaga on her newly brunette hair, Gaga responded with love for the Australian popstar. But the Born This Way singer couldn't resist making a joke about competing with Ms Minogue's big budget tour, saying:

"@Kylieminogue if it wasn't for ure tour, i wouldnt have had to pay so much to build this MASSIVE stage. Thanku for being a supportive female".

And huge stages aren't the only thing Gaga and Kylie have in common. The two singers have frequently been compared to each other, and Kylie has even admitted that the comparison [a target="_blank" href="http://www.starpulse.com/news/index.php/2011/02/22/kylie_minogue_irritated_by_lady_gaga_c">irritates her[/a] (err... sorry in advance Kylie!). But we've noticed that there's more than a bit of a resemblance between their onstage outfits, with both having a preference for outrageous, eccentric and crazy costumes. In fact, we've been on Gaga-Kylie watch for some time now, and first noticed the similarities between the two way back in [a target="_blank" href="/conversation/archive/2009/10/01/talking-point--is-kylie-the-new-lady-gaga.htm">2009[/a]!

Both Gaga and Kylie love pushing the limits of fashion, but who's got more star power? Check out the photos in the gallery above and decide for yourself!

by Stephanie Soh

1. The Sexy Super-Villain

Both ladies look like every superhero's worst nightmare in their demonic black outfits. Superman wouldn't stand a chance against a dangerous Kylie femme fatale, whilst Gaga looks like she could give Batman a run for his money. But in the fight between evil and, well, evil, which singer will prevail?

2. Gold Power

As the saying goes, 'All that glitters is not gold'. No, it might very well be a world famous popstar. And if you are going to put on a show, skin-tight and sparkly is definitely the way to go.

3. Tongue-In-Cheek Leather

Both singers are looking cheeky here: Kylie doing her take on London's Pearly Queens at the Jubilee this year, and Gaga kitted out in high-camp lace-up boots, fishnets and studded leather. Although we'd never have thought of wearing that cross there...

4. Huge Head Dresses

Look at those gravity defying hats! Because if you're going to put on a performance in an enormous stadium, you want to make sure everyone can see what you're wearing. And we're pretty sure no one missed those.

5. Leotards + Fishnets = Hot

One of the more straight forward outfits worn by Kylie and Gaga - we're pretty sure you could get this look by popping down to American Apparel. Now all you need to do is write some chart topping singles ... off you go!

6. The Tin Foil Trend

A short time ago in a galaxy very, very near... two popstars wore some very shiny dresses. Kylie looks fantastic - even if we are tempted to grill some bacon on her dress - whilst Gaga looks, well, out of this world. So who do you think is the winner of these (Super)Star Wars?


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Damon Dailly (Wed Aug 22 17:26:05 BST 2012): Most of them have very little in common, Stop trying to twist their admiration for one and another.. just because they are women.
Stephen Samuel Sherwin (Wed Aug 22 18:46:30 BST 2012): Very true well said!
Shaun Howard (Thu Aug 23 01:21:26 BST 2012): Kylie minogue is the QUEEN of pop and set trends for these new pop stars for years now! :-)
Jkm Hoffman (Thu Aug 23 03:12:32 BST 2012): agree Shaun - Having seen both of them in concert, I have to say they are both brilliant artists and performers and light years (no pun intended Kylie) above the competition.
Jay Belmoore (Thu Aug 23 04:38:50 BST 2012): Sooooo true!!!! Kylie is a legend!!!!!!! :)
Jay Belmoore (Thu Aug 23 04:39:16 BST 2012): Stop trying gaga!
Chris Morrison (Fri Aug 24 14:32:42 BST 2012): How about when Gaga dressed up in Kylie's leopard outfit in the Telephone video?
Mod Mru (Wed Sep 05 16:52:13 BST 2012): They both look amazing.