Giles Deacon On Dressing Victoria Beckham For London Olympics 2012: EXCLUSIVE

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Giles Deacon Dishes On Dressing Victoria Beckham For The London Olympics 2012: EXCLUSIVE

Victoria Beckham in Giles at the Olympics

What better way to start the day than a cuppa with the lovely Giles Deacon? The designer took over London's Soho House this morning to show the press pack his latest creation in collaboration with Sky Ride. The must-have cycling accessory is aimed at stylish yet practical cyclists and the designer kindly modelled it himself (click here for more details on the collab). So while we were nibbling on salmon canapes on the sunny roof top, what better opportunity to grill Mr Deacon on his next collection, Katie Grand's bunny and that little something about dressing a Spice Girl...

Grazia Daily: let's talk Victoria Beckham. We were so excited to hear you were dressing her for the Olympics Closing Ceremony.

Giles Deacon: Ah, lovely Victoria.

Grazia Daily: Rumours leaked before the event but was it supposed to be a top secret collaboration?

Giles Deacon: She's so naughty that woman! I hadn't even seen that picture she'd taken [the twit-pic from her fitting, below]. I told her that people knew she was doing the Olympics performance because she'd tweeted the photo and she was like, 'Oh! Nobody told me I shouldn't!' And I was like, 'yeah right.'

Giles Deacon On Dressing Victoria Beckham For London Olympics 2012: EXCLUSIVE Giles Deacon On Dressing Victoria Beckham For London Olympics 2012: EXCLUSIVE

Victoria Beckham at the dress fitting; Katie Grand's famous rabbit

Grazia Daily: Whoops. She also tweeted a photo of Katie Grand's bunny...

Giles Deacon: Yep, that's Cara. We have to get Cara into this interview.

Grazia Daily: Has she become a Giles muse?

Giles Deacon: [puts on jokey voice] Of course, yes! We designed the whole collection around Cara. She's essential to all fittings.

Grazia Daily: Clearly! So did Victoria come to your London studio for the secret fitting?

Giles Deacon: Yes, we had three fittings with her but they weren't really in secret because she'd already let everyone know on Twitter! I got at least four more followers after that. I've now got 86.

Giles Deacon On Dressing Victoria Beckham For London Olympics 2012: EXCLUSIVE

Victoria's dress was inspired by Giles' AW12 collection

Grazia Daily: Considering Victoria's a designer herself, did she have something particular in mind?

Giles Deacon: Yeah, she wanted something that was of her 'Spice world' and her Posh persona. She really liked a dress we'd done for the Autumn Winter 2012 collection [above left] so we created a new version for her. We've made quite a few pieces for her in the past and she buys quite a lot herself. The corsets work really well for her so she feels comfortable wearing them.

Grazia Daily: Will you be working together again?

Giles Deacon: Always and forever. Like when two become one.

Grazia Daily: Tehe! VB has a reputation for never smiling but what's she really like to work with?

Giles Deacon: She's great! I've worked with her for about five or six years now and she's always been so professional, super-nice, really easy to work with and she knows what she wants. She's fun.

Grazia Daily: Were you with her at the Closing Ceremony?

Giles Deacon: No, I was in Ibiza but I watched it on the telly. I thought it was really good when the cabs were whirling round the stage and I actually thought they all came across really well. I had some reservations about how Mel B might come across beforehand because I heard she'd taken a tear from Britney Spears' catsuit...

Victoria Beckham in Giles

Victoria Beckham hearts Giles

Grazia Daily: You've dressed many stars but is there one lady you still dream of working with? And what would you dress her in?

Giles Deacon: Lauren Bacall. I'd dress her in whatever she wanted to be dressed in. I think she'd tell you and you wouldn't argue. She's one of the last great Hollywood superstars. She wipes the floor with the majority of other actresses. I like the idea of dressing everyone from 17 to 70.

Grazia Daily: And if you could dress Kate Middleton?

Giles Deacon: I'd put her in something nice.

Grazia Daily: Ooh secretive! What can we expect from your Spring Summer 2013 collection?

Giles Deacon: We'll have a smashing time, that's all I can say. We had a burning time last time and this time it's smashing...

Grazia Daily: How intriguing. What designers are you excited about seeing this season?

Giles Deacon: Simone Rocha is very precise and JW Anderson has a good take on design. Those two are my ones to watch.

Grazia Daily: And what's next for Giles?

Giles Deacon: We're showing at Moscow Fashion Week in October. We do really well there.

Grazia Daily: Really? What is it the Russian women like in particular?

Giles Deacon: They have great taste! And are not particuarly different to the rest of the women in the world. People assume just because they're in Russia, they want huge cleavages and fur, which they do to a certain extent, but they're incredibly cosmopolitan and sophisticated. God knows why they like us!

Grazia Daily:  Ah Giles, what's not to like?

Giles' bag for Sky Ride are available in October for £40 from


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