Alexa Chung Confirms She's Launching Her Own Fashion Collection - We've Got 10 Questions For The Stylish Presenter

22 August 2012

GALLERY >> The 10 things we want to know about Alexa's collection

Style icon Alexa Chung has confirmed in an interview with Japanese fashion magazine Numero Tokyo the news that we've been waiting for for a really long time! When asked if she would consider launching her own fashion collection the presenter replied, 'Yes, I’m definitely going to do that. I’m looking into it right now. 'I’ve got nothing to lose, it’s a bit of fun. In this current era of celebrity no one believes you actually design the stuff anyway, even though I sketch everything myself. So if it sucks I can say I had nothing to do with it, and if it’s really good I can say ‘Here are the drawings, it’s all my own work!’

Well we can barely contain our excitement. We know if it's anything like her collection for Madewell or like pretty much anything she has ever worn before it's got to be good, but we've got so many questions. So many questions we've gone and made a gallery to get it out of our system. Please Alexa, give us the answers!

1. Will she get tips from Karl Lagerfeld or Henry Holland?

Alexa is a regular face on the front row at Chanel and a favourite of Karl Lagerfeld, but she's also bessie mates with Henry Holland. Who will she turn to for design advice?

2. Will she take inspiration from Suri Cruise or Minnie Mouse?

As we demonstrated with our gallery yesterday, [a href="/fashion/archive/2012/08/21/alexa-chung-vs-suri-cruise--nick-grimshaw-inspires-a-fash-off-between-the-presen.htm">Alexa and Suri are genuine fashion twinsies[/a]. The presenter has also cited [a href="/fashion/archive/2012/07/20/alexa-chung-channels-jane-birkin--again--this-time-for-vero-modas-autumn-winter-.htmodas-autumn-winter-.htm">Keith Richards, Anita Pallenburg, George Harrison, Kurt Cobain, Marianne Faithful, Grayson Perry, Alice in Wonderland and Minnie Mouse[/a] as style icons. Could there be a touch of the surreal in Alexa's collection?

3. Will the pieces be anything like her collection for Madewell?

Lace dresses, velvet collars, leopard print booties... more of this please!

4. Does she want to own her style like Kate Moss?

[a href="/fashion/archive/2012/02/19/alexa-chung-on-inspiring-the-topshop-unique-collection---that-stella-mccartney-p.htm">Alexa told us at the Topshop Unique Autumn/ Winter 2012 presentation in February that the velvet jumpsuits seen on the runway were her idea first[/a]. Could this collection a way asserting guardianship over her own style?

5. Will she show her collection at London Fashion Week?

Alexa is a regular at the shows, but will she present in London or in New York where she now lives? Boo!

6. Will she get her mates to model for her?

Alexa is not short of leggy models like Pixie Geldof and Daisy Lowe who would make great brand ambassadors.

7. Will it be tomboy or girly?

This is the question we ask ourselves every morning. It's clearly a conundrum that Alexa struggles with too.

8. Will she star in the campaign like she has for Maje?

She started out in modelling and has revisited it for the likes of Superga, Maje and Madewell.

9. What will the logo look like?

Above is an example of Alexa's handwriting and she is a well known doodler. Will her signature feature a handwritten, scrawly font or a cartoon drawing perhaps?

10. Who will wear it?

[a href="/fashion/archive/2011/08/03/elle-fanning-hearts-alexa-chung-lets-investigate.htm">Elle Fanning is already a big fan[/a] of Alexa's style and surely her friends Poppy Delevigne, zooey Deschanel and Tennessee Thomas will be papped in her pieces too.


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