TREND ALERT: The Wacky Nail Art By Belinda Fountain That Is So Hot Right Now

20 August 2012 by

This year, the definition of a manicure has gone from a simple polish using the latest nail colour from the runway to adding some serious bling to your look. Nail lengths are longer and sharper and a touch of glitter polish has been replaced by 3D jewels and other nail accessories. So when we stumbled upon Belinda Fountain’s blog SoHotRightNail we actually squealed with excitement.

After spending the last 15 years working in finance Belinda Fountain decided to do something a little more creative. But little did she know that within a few months she would become the hottest nail artist in the UK – having quickly been snapped up by fashion editors and fashion bloggers such as Bip Ling.

Inspired by wacky Japanese Harajuku nail art featuring 3D Hello Kitty, bows and hearts, Bel’s speciality is a full set of 10 different nails, with an overall colour theme, so of course we had to get in on the act. Check out Shopping Editor Lily Russo's tangerine talons, and our top 10 nail art ideas from the SoHotRightNail blog to be rocking in the gallery above.

Grazia Daily: What nail trend are you most looking forward to for AW12?
Belinda Fountain: I will definitely be rocking textured nails, especially leather! 

Grazia Daily: Who is your nailspiration?
 Belinda Fountain: I am obsessed with Japanese nail art. Too much is never enough :)

Grazia Daily: Can nails ever be too long?
Belinda Fountain: Yes definitely! I like them long but if you need to function on a daily basis they should be kept at a reasonable length. Short square nails can look just as good so I think it all depends on the individual tbh.

Grazia Daily: Top tips to trying out nail art and 3D on your own?
Belinda Fountain: Anything goes! The most damage caused from 3D'ing is the removal process so just make sure this is done correctly or by a professional. Never pick, peel or force anything off the nail.

Grazia Daily: What made you go from finance to nail art?
Belinda Fountain: I had a bad manicure and thought I could probably do a better job myself. Turns out I was right.

Indeed she was!


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