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‘Kristen Stewart Is A Trampire’ - The Affair Saga Continues With Nasty Slogan T-shirts

We all love a slogan tee ever since Henry Holland created his infamous House of Holland neon numbers. They were cheeky, flirty and certainly a conversation starter. But one brand has taken the trend a little bit too far.

Jumping on the horrid Kristen Stewart hate campaign following her ‘momentary indiscretion’ with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, online retailer Skreened is now selling a range of T-shirts emblazoned with phrases including ‘Kristen Stewart Is A Trampire’ and ‘I Wanna Take A Dump On Kristen Stewart’. Oh Will Ferrell, what have you done?!

We’re sure you’ll agree, there is NOTHING funny about these tees that are nothing more than nasty bullying. Of course, we'd never condone affairs but we do take umbrage at the amount of abuse K-Stew has received since THOSE pictures emerged, especially in comparison to married father-of-two Sanders who has managed to remain relatively unscathed. Is it because, dare we say it, she’s a woman?

As we reported last week, the situation reminds us of when Brad Pitt left Jennifer Aniston for Angelina Jolie but remained Hollywood’s golden boy while catty comments were thrown at his leading ladies. Who can forget the ‘Team Jen’ and ‘Team Ange’ T-shirts at the time that stars like Paris Hilton picked up? Brad and Jen weathered that particular storm pretty well and are now set to walk down the aisle again with their respective new partners. Will we be saying the same for K-Stew whose future as Snow White in any sequel seems to be diminishing by the day?

With promotion for the final instalment of the Twilight movie franchise set to begin in the coming weeks forcing Kristen and what seems like her now former boyfriend Robert Pattinson together again, we think things for the young star are going to be awkward enough. Let’s leave our wardrobes out of it shall we?!


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Bonnie Shoffner (Mon Aug 20 17:38:19 BST 2012): You know what....she is 22 years old and I think that being the shy, insecure woman that she is, she felt that she was doomed to be knocked off her pedestal and hefore anyone else could do it, she jumped off on her own in her own way. It does't mean she doesn't love Rob with all her heart, it just means she is confused and scared...too much too fast. As for Rob, he needs to either man up and give her a second chance with conditions or cut and run...I would like to see them both bow out of "Hollywood" and all that it represents for awhile, go away together and try to work this thing out....see if they are truly soul mates and meant to be together. From all I read, she is punishing herself more than anything.....
Ilse Ivette Barajas (Mon Aug 20 20:02:10 BST 2012): Isn't there a campaign for people to stop bullying, so why are these shirts being made?
Caroline Camm (Mon Aug 20 20:12:47 BST 2012): The whole thing has been blown totally out of proportion. It's nobody else's business and quite frankly those T-shirts are horrible and so mean.