Carine Roitfeld Prefers Peeing In Car Parks Than Nightclubs and Says Karl Lagerfeld Is Like Jennifer Lopez In New Interview

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She's not a nymphomaniac, she thinks of Ryan Gosling to make her feel sexy and when peeing behind a car, she does it with 'a chic attitude,' naturally. In a new interview with The Telegraph, Carine Roitfeld dishes on everything from working with Karl Lagerfeld and the launch of her new magazine to being the queen of porno-chic. And so it's official: CR is officially the world's chicest grandmère. Below are a few highlights from the fab interview...

On her signature erotic sensibility

'A lot of people say I am the queen of porno-chic. "Chic" is good, but "porno" is not. I am very happy you use the word "erotic" and not "pornographic". I never treat a woman as an object, and even when we use bondage, I don't think the woman seems to suffer; she is never just an object. She is tough, my woman. I always think model and woman is more important than the clothes. Most of the time when I do shoots I think the girl is an actress more than a model.'

On a shoot featuring a model peeing in a car park

'When I was going in nightclubs there were cameras in the toilets looking to see if you were taking drugs, so I said, "OK, I will never go to pee in the toilet in a nightclub." I will always prefer to go to pee behind a car. We took a picture like this... It is important to have a sense of humour and always with a certain chic. Even if the girl is peeing behind a car, she is doing it with a chic attitude.'

On styling advertising campaigns for Chanel

'[Karl] Lagerfeld always calls me Mme Roitfeld, never Carine. It's funny, he's like a rock star now. You go on the street with him, it's like being with J-Lo.

On Anna Wintour

'She's tough but she's very honest. I like that. When my kids came to New York she invited them to dinner and as a mum those are things you don't forget. She is not my best friend, we never talk on the phone every day, but she is someone I respect, and the older you get in this business the fewer people you respect.'

Carine Roitfeld Prefers Peeing In Car Parks Than Nightclubs and Compares Karl Lagerfeld To Jennifer Lopez

Carine and daughter Julia in 1993

On being a mum

'I look a bit rock'n'roll because of my black eyes, my black clothes, because I am quite skinny. But I have always been more of a mummy than an editor. I speak to my children every day. We are a very compact family. For me they are the most important and they know that. I never fly away because of that, always with my feet on earth.'

On her make-up routine

'I like to put black on my eyes, but I never put it on very well and I think it looks sexy. When you put it on in the morning it looks better by the evening. It is very wrong to sleep in your make-up but when you wake up the next morning, I think it looks very good. Since I've always wanted a beauty spot like Marilyn Monroe, I added some star stencils that you can fill in with liquid eyeliner. I never had a beauty spot but I think perhaps a star is much more fun.'

On the fashion industry

'Now it's so censured, it's very difficult, and you can do less now than you would be able to do 20 or 30 years ago. Sometimes they [her critics] were right. Of course now we discover that cigarette is very bad or of course anorexia is very bad. But I think you have less and less freedom and it is very sad because it is fashion. Fashion is supposed to be light and not try too hard.'

On the biannual CR Fashion Book

'When I started 30 years ago at French Elle, we never do the shoot thinking if Jean Paul Gaultier was advertising or not. We were totally free. But now I understand it is a business and you have to pay attention to the people who put money in your magazine. But there has to be a limit or otherwise you are not a journalist anymore. But this magazine is going to be totally different than what I was doing before, with a new dream team... It is a lot of pressure that I put on myself. I could live very quietly, do advertising to earn money. But she is determined to do things her way. 'The last Joan of Arc of fashion - it will be me.'

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