Garance Doré On Her Kate Spade New York Collection And Being A New Vogue Paris Columnist! EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

17 August 2012 by

We always knew we’d like Garance Doré and upon meeting her last night for the launch of her collection with Kate Spade New York, we are totally and utterly head over heels in girl crushdom. The French illustrator/photographer/fashion muse/Sartorialist’s girlfriend/life inspiration is 100 per cent divine, and her inimitable peppy Parisian style and sense of humour is perfectly reflected in this collaboration. It’s no wonder Kate Spade – with her poppy accessories and flirty fashion – wanted to snap up the talents of one of the industry's brightest stars.  You can scroll through the gallery above to check out the collection which is in stores NOW!

After Garance kindly went waaay over her allotted time to chat to everyone, we elbowed through the throngs of adoring (but patiently queuing) fans to speak one on one…

GRAZIA DAILY: Garance, this is crazy! Look at all these people waiting to meet you!

GARANCE: I know… it’s so exciting! (BIG red lipsticked smile appears) I loooove British Grazia!

Thank you! Always good to hear that. So, tell me about the collection, it’s really really cute.

I think Kate wanted my ‘Frenchness’, if you know what I mean, my sense of fun. So we thought up the idea of a cocktail party!

So, is it clothes and accessories you wear to a cocktail party?

No. It’s not that literal really, it’s just the idea of having fun! Mixing the Kate Spade New York femininity and my own. I’m so happy with the illustrations (which are of cool girls at a cocktail party).

I’ve spotted three girls here already wearing the illustrated blouse, and you are in the 'Joie de Vivre' grey marl sweater, but what’s your favourite?

I think it is actually the shirt, too! You have to make the pieces your own. I’d wear these things deconstructed with jeans, but someone else may wear it in a girly way with the matching skirt.

You pretty much do everything… photography, writing, illustrating…. How was the designing process for you?

It was my first ever proper collaboration like this. It was so challenging, but in a good way. I’ve learnt so much. It’s really different to design an illustration for a garment, and to put it onto fabric, rather than just a white piece of paper.

What other fashion items are you obsessed with in general?

Military jackets and white jeans. I just keep buying white jeans! But I’m like that, I get obsessive over things. So right now I love pointy toe court shoes (she gestures to some amazing polka dot numbers on her feet), but I won’t stop until I buy about 15 pairs.

And what is on your list for autumn/winter 2012?

Ummm… peplums, peeeepluuuummms (she repeats in a deep voice!). Peplum skirts and dresses, and an oversized coat. Although, I’ve already bought the coat.

Where from?

It’s huge! I went to a Stella McCartney sale…

So what’s been the highlight of your year so far? Apart from the new coat…

Doing this Kate Spade New York collection has been a real highlight. Also, I don’t know if you know this, but I am going to be a Vogue Paris columnist! My first column comes out in this September issue, and I’ve got two pages because of my illustrations and writing. It was always my dream to be a columnist – and now I’m in FRENCH VOGUE! I’ve also loved launching my online TV series ‘Pardon my French’.

Busy lady! How do you do it?

I have an amazing team. They’re the best thing I have. People don’t see all the work that goes behind filming these web series, but its ten people during fashion week. And everyone is so keen to create something amazing, I’m so excited to start having these meetings again.

So, we’ve always wondered, is there a particular lady who always inspires you? Anyone you HAVE to shoot each and every time you see them?

Hmmm… not really! It changes a lot. I let people evolve and sometimes, one year, I might not like their style. I’m not attached to certain people, but I have been shooting for six years, so sometimes the same girls will look amazing.

 And finally, you must be a doodler, right? What do you always doodle?

Flowers… and profiles of women!

An illustration from Garance's Kate Spade New York collection


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