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Now Cara Delevingne Is Attacked On Twitter By One Direction Fans: Is Dating Harry Styles Worth The Nasty Abuse?

Cara Delevingne Is Attacked On Twitter As Magazine Targets Caroline Flack: Is Dating Harry Styles Worth The Abuse?

Cara Delevingne and Harry Styles are reportedly dating

He had a romance with an older woman, hooked up with a 32-year-old who was married and is now rumoured to be dating a supermodel. But while Harry Styles is seen as a stud for the many notches on his bedpost, the women he becomes involved with are targeted by jealous fans. The latest rumour to hit the headlines is whether Harry Styles is dating Cara Delevingne.

Yesterday an article from a One Direction fan magazine surfaced online that featured vile insults directed at Caroline Flack because of her three-month affair with the floppy-haired singer. The Xtra Factor presenter is referred to as a 'goat' and 'grandma Caroline' with the piece adding that she has 'zero engagement rings because no one wants to be with her.' It's bad enough to be bombarded with such vicious insults via Twitter, but for them to be published in an actual magazine is beyond belief and quite frankly, utterly disgusting.

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Just hours after the Caroline Flack 'voodoo doodoo' piece emerged, Cara Delevingne - the Burberry model Harry is allegedly dating - took to Twitter to defend herself against more envious One Direction fans. One tweeter said, 'sorry to inform you, but you look like a dude :/ #NoHate #TellingTheTruth". A defiant Cara replied, 'hahaha well it seems to have worked well for me'. Too right!

Another fan of the boyband tweeted at Cara, 'i dont like you sorry' to which the gorgeous model retorted, 'fair enough, but you don't really know me and then you apologise after? Funny'. Finally, the 20-year-old responded to questions about whether the rumours are true by saying, 'please just stop guessing, you don't need to know'. You tell 'em, Cara.

So, according to his avid fans, is Mr Styles not allowed to date ANY woman - older, younger or otherwise? And if he does, is it a guarantee that the woman in question will be met with a tirade of sickening abuse? He may be a charmer with a lovely mop of hair, but if this is what comes with being his lady friend, we'd rather not.

What's your verdict?


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Marcia Wong (Thu Aug 16 22:51:13 BST 2012): Some fans are just so annoying and persistent. It's not like their insults are going to break up a couple, anyway.
Erin Corrigan (Fri Aug 17 07:05:07 BST 2012): I'm not saying that I encourage the abuse in any way, but I think a lot of the fans just want what's best for him. We all are rooting for the boys, but some take it a little too far.
Eleanor Murray (Fri Aug 17 22:58:00 BST 2012): She was mean back to them...
Holleigh Braun (Sun Aug 19 05:39:12 BST 2012): you know directioners, It'd be nice for you to RESPECT him and his decisions. I'm not trying to be mean but have a little respect. don't call her names. Shes beautiful. I'm sure she has a beautiful heart also. itd be better to leave them alone and let them do what they want. If Harrys happy I'm happy. nuff said.
Niniana Edana (Sun Aug 19 14:55:32 BST 2012): Well, I think Cara is handling it well. She shouldn't be attacked as such, I think it was disgusting for the fans to act like a rabid dog. Harry has a life, be his true fan and support him. Who are you to dictate what is right and what is not for him? Insulting people for something you have no right for is unbelievably sickening. Grow up, people.
Alexis White (Wed Aug 22 06:04:38 BST 2012): Well,i'll say this and be gone,he has a life!I don't so much like how she acted back though.Fans are crazy lol we all know we're big bundles of awesome and crazy,but if you really love him,then let him be happy.Like I said,don't really care for that kind of 'Haha In Your Face' attitude she returned,but people,CALM DOWN.
Leni George (Wed Sep 05 09:35:13 BST 2012): How on earth do teeny bopper girls know what's good for somebody they don't even know. It's kind of pathetic. They don't know you exist.
Erin Corrigan (Wed Sep 05 15:36:41 BST 2012): Did I ever say I did? I said that we all want the best for him, and some girls think they know what is best when they don't. You are arguing with me when we are on the same side. I think it is completely inappropriate for fans to harass her. Those girls need to realize that he can make his own decisions and that they need to respect him.
Leni George (Wed Sep 05 17:40:26 BST 2012): I'm not arguing with you, I agree with you..
Harriet Marlow (Tue Sep 11 19:41:26 BST 2012): The level of literacy on Twitter never fails to deplete my faith in humanity just that little bit more...
Anaïs Gonnet (Wed Feb 06 12:16:08 GMT 2013): Well I'm directioner and I definitely LOVE CARA! ♥