Behind the scenes at HATWALK - fitting the hat on Lord Nelson in the giant crane!

01 August 2012 by

Phillip Treacy and Kim Cattrall

The team starting to ascend in the crane, and Phillip Treacy with Kim Cattrall, right

You might not imagine there would be a big queue of volunteers to stay up until 4am outside in Trafalgar Square, notorious for its gangs of pigeons and late night revelers on their way home from partying on the nightbus. However, Blonstein, the production company team for HATWALK were not the only people who turned up expecting to don a hi-vis jacket and ascend in the crane. Stephen Jones and Phillp Treacy both came along to see their hats safely fastened onto their statues’ heads. Sophie Beale, unable to sleep due to the excitement, also turned up before sunrise. Paula Reed, and her glamorous dog George also attended.

Sophie Beale's hat on Napier, left and the view over London from Nelson's column, right

So did milliners from Lock & Co, to see the enormous Union flag Nelson hat onto its rightful owner. But who’s this? Kim Cattrall from Sex And The City? Yep, being a great friend of Phillip’s and clearly a secret crane enthusiast, she decided to come along too. Going up to the pinnacle of the 52m tower was such fun, in fact that the team decided to give it quite a few goes to make the most the expensive equipment while they had it. Lord Nelson was the only one who was able to keep a straight face, as everyone else was absolutely beaming with the thrill of the secret plan, as well as the giddy-making height of the crane ride.


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