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So Why Is Prudent Princess Kate Middleton Wearing A Cartier Necklace Worth £49K?

She's built a reputation as the Discount Duchess who would rather borrow her mother's high-street dress for her first public speech than invest in a new frock. But today Kate Middleton stepped out wearing a necklace worth an eye-watering £49,000. Say whaaa?

So Why Is Kate Middleton, The Prudent Princess, Wearing A Cartier Necklace Worth £49K?

Arriving at the National Portrait Gallery this morning, Kate looked resplendent in a blue Stella McCartney dress blinged up by the statement necklace featuring three intertwined circles of pink, yellow and white gold. How fancy and utterly perfect for the Olympics-themed event, we mused. And so the hunt for the necklace began - is it another highstreet piece or perhaps a bargain from mega shopping mecca Bicester Village? No, no and no.

In fact, Grazia Daily has discovered the accessory is Cartier's Trinity necklace, which is available on cartier.com for £49,000. That's FOURTY NINE THOUSAND POUNDS. Considering her notorious 'prudent princess' ways, we're utterly flabbergasted that Kate would opt for such a luxury creation, despite it being undeniably stunning. What's more, the piece costs £19K MORE than six months' worth of her royal outfits! Prince Charles coughed up approximatley £30K for the Duchess' wardrobe during the first six months of being a royal, so we find it hard to believe that she would spend such a huge sum on one item.

Detective Grazia Daily contacted Cartier who are as surprised (and understandably delighted) as us, suggesting that the luxe jewellery brand didn't lend it to to the young royal for today's occasion. The last time she sported a spot of Cartier was on her wedding day last April when she wore that twinkling halo tiara of delicate diamonds, which was leant to her by the Queen. Meanwhile, Clarence House wouldn't confirm a thing when we spoke to the press office this morning except to say: 'It's a piece of private jewellery'.

How intriguing! Here are our theories...

1. Prince William brought it for his wife's 30th birthday

2. It was one of many Royal Wedding presents

3. Kate's new bestie Princess Charlene gave it to her when she visited the UK

4. The DoC decided to treat herself

5. Mum Carole, a fan of glitz, gifted it to her daughter

Goodness, SO many possibilities, eh? So tell us your verdict.


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Kimberly Murphy (Thu Jul 19 16:57:49 BST 2012): apparently, diana was known to wear a cartier trinity ring. maybe it was a gift, a sort of updated version for kate?
W Jones Jordan (Thu Jul 19 18:49:06 BST 2012): She's a duchess, not a princess and, thank God, not as foolish as the Princess who put publicity far above duty.
Eduardo LeGrand (Thu Jul 19 19:27:55 BST 2012): I love the colour of her dress! Hire the same with a colour from pret-a-rent.com , loose fit. Pretty.
Aaron Taruthers (Thu Jul 19 22:23:50 BST 2012): Who the hell wants a prudent princess? Pile on that bling!
Helen Hammonds (Fri Jul 20 07:16:28 BST 2012): Good to know that the trained journalists at Grazia know the difference between bought and brought!
Courtney Danielson (Fri Jul 20 16:53:44 BST 2012): ::Sigh:: @Jojo - While she is not a Princess of the Blood (a born princess), she is - in fact - a princess, as her husband holds the title Prince William. If William hadn't been made The Duke of Cambridge on his wedding day, Catherine would be styled "Her Royal Highness Princess William of Wales" (a la Princess Michael of Kent). Also, let's not forget - once Charles ascends the throne, Catherine will become "Her Royal Highness The Princess of Wales."
Sara York Deakins (Sun Jul 22 01:20:49 BST 2012): Does it really matter who bought it or where it comes from??? She looked beautiful!!