Daisy Lowe Talks Fashion Disasters, Loving Emma Stone Crush and Her Ultimate Catwalk Dream: EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

13 July 2012 by

Daisy Lowe has that magnetic thing you expect from people in her position but often don't get. You want to look at her. Listen to her every word and mentally note her beauty tips. She's got what Cowell would call the X Factor, but without the cheese. No jazz hands, no fuss, just that extra something. But she's normal. Down-to-earth even and when she's not rolling around in the mud at a festival or being shot by Terry Richardson for Pirelli calendar, she's playing Mother duck with her mates while cooking from her Le Creuset pots…

With a body like yours it can't be all spuds and homely pot roasts?
I love my food and I like to snack, a lot so I need to workout in order to keep in shape. I train in Equis gym in London, 3 times a week (although I cancelled one this week!) I lift weights and do resistance because I hate cardio… In terms of eating I just try to feel good about what I put in, it's about balance.

So are you the cook in the group!?
Yeah, I guess so. There are two in my gang of friends and I'm one, they call me Mama D. I love it, they all come round to mine, we eat and watch movies. It's all normal stuff. My friends keep me grounded. When we were at T in the Park recently someone came and asked for a photo with me. After they left my mate turned and said "I think she thought you were someone else!". That's cool, to them I'm just Mama D!

So where does Mama D like to shop when she's not playing house?
I adore Miu Miu for pure escapism and Acne for more practical stuff. Rellik is amazing too, a vintage treasure trove. I like messing about in there!

How important is fashion to you?
For me it's a way of portraying a character. It's a form of expression. When I feel great I get more adventurous with my choices, things just fit and work but other times it's about throwing on something to just get you through the day. I'm photographed a lot walking my dog, not the most glamourous! I just want to keep doing what I'm doing and working for as long as possible, but I'm hoping to, one day, walk for Jean Paul Gauliter one day. That would be the ultimate.

You scrub up well… Who inspires your style on the red carpet?
Weirdly no one really today, although I do have a huge girl crush on Emma Stone! The people I tend to look to and reference are Hollywood icons; Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Rita Hayworth. I'm also inspired by comfort! That's important to me.  IN terms of designers; Jean Paul Gaultier is a genius, he creates clothes that make women feel powerful and womanly. I'd wear Elie Saab if I want to feel princes like or a bit romantic and Dior, let's not forget Dior…

Any fashion disasters we should know about?!
Oh yeah! Who hasn't? I once wore bright orange flares with a Spice Girls t-shirt. Let's hope that's a look I'll never revisit.

Even though you look to Hollywood you're a quintessential English rose.. what the secret behind your flawless skin?
All the usual boring stuff; wear SPF, an oil free one that won't clog your pores. Drink lots of water. Always take your make up off at night. I used to have crap skin and it was because I never really did what I was supposed to so I'm more consistent with that now. I use all natural products; face wash, serum and moisturiser and with make up it's always simple. Chanel or more recently Tom Ford foundation and Sisley lip balm, I swear by that stuff!

What are the 3 things you never leave the house without!
My Acne combat boots, lip balm and my dog!

But how does she manage to stay so damn normal in an industry that's frankly a bit nuts?
I try to remove myself from the decision making process. It's not personal if I don't get booked for a  job. Equally, if I do get it, I haven't cured cancer so I don't let it define me. I've also been friends with the same people forever so they keep me in touch with reality...

Some of Daisy's favourite things...
Sisley lipbalm
Acne boots
Le Creuset pots
D&G Floral sunnies

by Angela Scanlon @angelascanlon
*Daisy Lowe was in Kildare Village (little sister to Bicester) to launch the Chic Summer Festival.*


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