How Much Do You Really Spend On Clothes? Much Less Than Kate Middleton, Surprisingly

05 July 2012 by

'Fess Up - Isla Fisher in Confessions Of A Shopaholic

We’ve all been there: ten minutes before you have to have to leave the house, hair and make-up done – slumped in the middle of a wardrobe eruption. You might have torn out everything you’ve purchased since 2003, but despite the fact that you’re not actually sure if you still have a bedroom floor you can still hear those familiar words sadly escaping your mouth: ‘I have absolutely nothing to wear.’

Infuriating as it may be when your partner/friend/relative smarts back with some intolerably annoying comment, it seems – alas – that try as we might to deny it (‘you don’t understand!’) their sarcastic tones may carry some substance. Yep, a new survey has found that Brit gals spend on average £83,498 on clothes in their lifetime – not bad, hey? And you’d be justified in thinking that the amount of clothes that figure could buy would satisfy us all -but a whopping 60% of us still feel that we have nothing to wear. *Mournful sigh*.

Still, despite the survey, commissioned by Sure, revealing that we purchase an average of 3,109 items (including 271 pairs of shoes, 185 dresses, 145 bags and 66 hats), we can safely shelve our guilt at the back of the closet, thanks to Kate Middleton – whose ‘thrifty’ wardrobe for one year reportedly cost a massive £35,000, courtesy of her father-in-law, Prince Charles. (We wonder if she still has wardrobe meltdowns first thing in the morning.)

And, though Kate might have a few problems sneaking any new purchases into the palace, 14% of us admit to hiding new buys from our partners, with one in ten of us buying at least one item of clothing in our lunch break to wear after work.

So, come on - 'fess up. How much do you really splash on clothes each month? (Yes, even counting that mini-Topshop splurge that went on the credit card. And yes, even if it was in the sale. We promise not to tell...).


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