Katy Perry On Her Marchesa Dress, 'Squirrel' Hair and Prince Harry Crush: Inside The London Premiere of Part Of Me

04 July 2012 by

It's official: Grazia Daily has fallen (even more) in love with Katy Perry. Yes, we've long been fans of the singer's bonkers bra wearing, naughty girl kissing, pink/blue/purple hair dying ways, but having seen her up, close and personal, we are utterly smitten.

Arriving at last night's premiere in London, we were met by ginormous candy canes and ice creams (of the plastic variety) lining the hot pink carpet. So fun! Then we spotted Perez Hilton in red shorts and green brogues lending his BFF support. How sweet! But it was when the lady of the hour arrived, trussed up in a frothy gold and pink frock, that the crowd went wild.

'I'm busting out of it!' Katy said of the curve-hugging Marchesa dress, which she teamed with sparkling strappy sandals. 'I can't show you the back, I've had too many Wotsits!' But despite the threat of a bursting button, the popstrel twirled through Leicester Square like a cartoon ballerina, fluttering her Union Jack eyelashes with her purple tresses piled a-top her head. Talk about a showbizzy showgirl! And the 27-year-old graciously spent over an hour chatting to her adoring fans, signing autographs, posing for pictures and kissing their tear-stained cheeks. Aw.

Inside The 'Katy Perry: Part Of Me' London Premiere: Her Marchesa Dress, 'Squirrel' Hair and Prince Harry Crush!

After the pink carpet rounds, the sprightly songstress appeared inside the cinema to introduce her film. But rather than a quicky 'I hope you enjoy it!', she trilled: 'it's time for a Q&A!' Cue hysterical screaming from the rows of KP lovers.

One tween asked if the singer would ever perform as Katy Hudson (her real name before reaching superstardom) again. 'No!' she replied adamantly, almost stomping her foot in triumph. 'She is dead and gone!'

Another tween was so ecstatic to meet her idol, she could hardly breathe, let alone ask a question. 'Ok, I'll ask you a question,' Katy said, like a benevolent fairy. 'What colour was your hair before it was blue?' she asked the hyperventilating girl. 'Black, pink, purple - all because of you!' she replied, to which Katy said: 'Oh dear. Sorry mom.' Ha! Then the beauty queen confessed she hated her own natural hair before her chameleon-like colour-changing because 'it was a squirrel colour!' You've gotta love that honesty.

So will La Perry ever move to England? '‘I love beans on toast, the monarchy and the countryside,' she said. 'Prince Harry is single and I love a hot ginger…’ Oh, to have another Princess Katy in Buckingham Palace! In the meantime, she's staying with her brother who, she says, should be in One Direction. Why? ‘He’s hotter than Harry Styles!’

With that, having made a zillion kids' dreams come true, Katy swooshed through the aisle of red seats and out the back door, returning to that land of candy canes and kitty cats just as we were about to enter it via her spectacular film.

For the five things we learnt about K-Pez from the movie, click here, and for our account of the hugely personal film, pick up the new issue of Grazia - out now.


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