Maarten van der Horst On His New Unisex Line & Azealia Banks Obsession: EXCLUSIVE

03 July 2012 by

We’ve long been big supporters of LFW’s Maarten van der Horst. His off-kilter Hawaiian prints in witty boyish tailoring flagged a large space for him in the hot and tropical climate of spring/summer’12 trend-land, and as part of Lulu Kennedy’s Fashion East crew he has already been snapped up by Selfridges and launched collaborations with TOPSHOP and Casio G-SHOCK watches. Today brings the news that Studio Maarten Van Der Horst is expanding, by launching another line – a 'second' range – that will be released four times a year and will feature more accessible price points (we're talking £80 to £110). This debut blast of band-tee inspired t-shirts and sweatshirts has been designed with both men and women in mind, and it’s pretty damn perfect for A) flourishing your festival look with a little ironic nod, B) tapping into the summer-goth vibe, and C) picking up on autumn/winter’s penchant for all things novelty. We caught up with Maarten to find out more…

Grazia Daily: What encouraged you to bring out a second line?
Maarten: The TOPSHOP collaboration was such a big success, and I loved the fact that my “crazy ideas” all of a sudden became affordable and accessible to more. I loved seeing girls wearing my stuff on the street; it meant the world to me! So, we worked really hard to try and find a way that we can continue to make a collection that is accessible but still exuberates the Maarten van der Horst-spirit.

I started my studio because I wanted to do what I love. And sometimes you get an idea that you love so much, that you’ll do everything just to get it out there. This was definitely one of them! I’m happy that it’s our second line, but still has its own direction. I think that’s really important.

What do you think you can do differently on this second line than with the mainline?
Reach a different audience. The retail price is max £110 and it is also faster in its circulation. We’ll show four collections a year, whereas the main line will continue to show twice a year. So these four collections allow me to get more fun ideas out there!

We like the idea of that! So what was your first band tee or sweater? We spotted you in an Iron Maiden one backstage at your last show...
It must’ve been Michael Jackson! But it wasn’t a T-shirt... it was a Michael Jackson’s “Bad”-bed cover!!

Ok then... What’s your relationship with metal music? Have you always been a fan? Do you go to gigs? Mosh?
It’s quite scary! I thought it was interesting to hide behind a big bold logo and look like a rockstar! I always wanted to be a rockstar. The thing I find so fascinating is the big cult following of metal bands. I guess that is what designers are after as well? I used to go to gigs, but not actually metal. I have always been a huge fan of The Smashing Pumpkins, Cat Power and I love going to festivals! This is the perfect festival collection, isn’t it?

Last time we spoke you had Carmen Miranda music on repeat in the studio… what are you listening to now?
AZEALIA BANKS!!! NON-STOP! I’m obsessed!


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