Kate Middleton and Roland Mouret Worked Together On THAT Leg-Flashing Dress

25 June 2012 by

When the Duchess of Cambridge gave her first flash of leg since becoming Mrs Windsor, the world released an audible gasp. Never before had we seen the artist formerly known as Kate Middleton working such Angelina-ian va-va-voom - and it was all thanks to one Roland Mouret.

'I think it was quite fantastic that there was a split up the front', the French designer says of the full-length cream evening dress which Kate wore for a swanky event at Claridges. 'That picture of a woman when you catch a little of the leg, that's what you want to see. It's that notion of privacy. It's something that should be for her husband and she just show a glimpse of it and I think that is one of the more amazing moments of life. You feel happy when you see that. It was not too much. It was with a lot of respect. Yes, I think I did… quite well.'

Kate Middleton and Roland Mouret Worked Together On THAT Leg-Flashing Dress

Indeed, you did Monsieur Mouret! Speaking to Kate Finnigan in the new issue of Stella, Mouret goes on to reveal that he planned the dress alongside the Duchess. 'She's a fantastic person to work with. She's a woman of her time', he says. 'She's very aware of her position and she's a really nice person. She's human. It's really nice to work with someone in her position. It's… historic, yes.' Ooh, we love the thought of the suave Frenchman sketching his elegant creations while the fashion-conscious Kate ensures that slit doesn't go too high.

As well as being a connoisseur of female form flatterers, the lovely Roland is somewhat of a red carpet coach, training his A-list ladies on how to nail that je ne sais quoi. 'It's a one-to-one relationship with a woman where you help them to communicate something about themselves', he says. 'As a man I try to put them less in danger because a bad picture sell more than a good picture. But I don't put them in… armour. It is still them. You give power to the person by saying, "You are a powerful person; the dress is just going to be there, but you are so powerful."'

And we're sure in the RM gown, K-Middy felt nothing short of queenly.



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