From Rihanna And Jay-Z To Azealia Banks Meeting Beyonce, Our Highlights At Radio One’s Hackney Weekend 2012

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It was one of the biggest events of Britain’s musical year as Radio One managed to pull in some of the biggest names in the music industry from Rihanna to Jay-Z even Kanye made a guest appearance it was all going off in the east London capital. Click through the gallery above for were our highlights…

Beyoncé supporting her man

There’s something altogether very cute about seeing a crazy-haired Beyoncé dancing in front of the stage as her husband Jay-Z performed at Hackney Weekend.  We don’t think we’ve seen anyone look so proud. Bey and her sister Solange joined the American rap mogul as he helicoptered east London to entertain the masses. Apparently though things weren’t so fun backstage where Jay-Z got into a scuffle with a man who tried to talk to her. Oops!

Watch the video below...

Lana Del Rey’s beehive

Perilously balanced on the top of her head we don’t even know how Lana managed to walk straight with the absolutely massive beehive she was sporting this week.

Even she seemed to be having a bit of a struggle. We spotted the soulful crooner walking incredibly carefully through the guest area of the event to buy a piece of pizza being cautious not to dislodge a single hair, now that’s dedication for you.

Azealia Banks on meeting Beyonce

Azealia Banks, she’s a 20-year-old outspoken vocalist hailing from New York and we were lucky enough to meet her for a chat before her performance on Saturday.

The singer, who dropped out of school to follow her musical career, says her main influence is Destiny’s Child. Even admitting that she cried when she first met her idol Beyonce, ‘I love her, I met her at[a href="/fashion/archive/2012/05/08/met-gala-2012--all-the-dresses.htm"> the MET Ball[/a] this year,’ she said, ‘I burst into tears it was very embarrassing. I had been talking to Kanye and Swiss Beatz and I saw someone looking at me and I realised it was Beyonce and I was like shocked for like 10 seconds and then I just burst into tears and I was crying and like paralysed and she was just like ‘oh my god, girl get it together’.  She’s amazing.‘

Yeah, Azealia is so cool that she's hanging with Kanye and meeting Beyonce. Maybe we could life swap for the day? Yes?


Not only did she make our evening when she came on stage with Jay-Z on Saturday night, she made our whole weekend when she headlined on Sunday. Just as provocative and sexy as usual Rihanna pranced around the stage in fishnet hot pants telling the crowd, ‘Hackney, you’re crazier than they told me.’

Not one to miss out on an opportunity to party Rihanna was later seen popping to east London boozer the Birdcage before heading to her favourite West End haunt Whisky Mist. An insider informed us that she looked like she was having a great night, even dancing along to her own songs. Well, you would wouldn’t you?

Florence Welch on being terrified

It’s official, we love Florence and the Machine. Not only was their performance absolutely spell binding but we got to chat to Florence after the show and discovered she is one of the nicest celebrities we’ve ever met.

Inviting us into her dressing room post performance via a hand-made red carpet dressed in a gorgeous Rachel Zoe maxi she told us that the whole experience of performing had been a bit nerve-wracking.

She said, ‘It was amazing but it was like the biggest stage ever so it’s kind of terrifying as well. It’s not really the singing that’s the problem it’s just what do you say to that many people? I feel like I should shake everyone’s hand quite politely but there were loads of them.’

We don’t blame you for not trying Florence, it would have taken ages!

by Olivia Foster


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