22 June 2012

Which Is Better: Shopping On The High Street Or Online? Grazia’s INFOGRAPHIC Has The Answer!

Obviously, you are a big fan of new clothes; or you wouldn’t be reading Grazia Daily! But which is your preferred method of purchase? With a few nifty clicks of the mouse, in the comfort of your own home – or out on the High Street, in between pounding the pavements with a trusty friend or Mum?

It’s a mystery that has long puzzled us here at Grazia Daily, so luckily, new stats have put us out of our misery. In fact – the numbers who prefer shopping online and those who prefer the real world of fashion and fabrics are pretty evenly matched. However – perusing our graphic guide you may learn a thing or two about us girls’ shopping habits! Fascinating stuff!


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Styles Afrik (Sat Jun 23 11:12:26 BST 2012): I love this article, as an Online Fashion Retailer this is why we set up www.stylesafrik.com. I always used to shop on the high street when I was younger then when I got older I realised I had less time and couldn't afford to spend hours trying on clothes, waiting in endless ques to pay for them item. And if you are anything like me I would go into the same shop 2 or 3 times after reviewing what else was on the high street. With online shopping it allows you to do all your research in the comfort of your own home and you can also do price comparison.
Krissy Jones (Sun Jun 24 17:37:15 BST 2012): Interesting to see that 90% of respondents have never interacted with a brands social media or mobile presence, yet cross channel commerce is set to grow. How are brands going to convert the 90% into interacting on these levels? Is money well spent on growing social media and mobile, or better spent on improving website content, architecture, and logistics to keep customers coming back to a functional, efficient and fun shopping experience.
James Carson (Mon Jun 25 10:28:35 BST 2012): Hi Krissy - I'm the Digital Marketing Manager here at Grazia. It’s probably better to go for both rather than making a decision to do one or the other. Website content, architecture etc are the building blocks of online marketing, social media can help spread that message. Mobile is only going to get bigger, and promotional marketing on the go is too, so expect that 90% to drop like a stone. I guess start with things like content, architecture and logistics. Once that's set, get onto promotion through social and mobile.