Top Five Trends at Royal Ascot 2012 From Rayban Clubmasters To Nude Shoes

22 June 2012 by

Top Five Trends at Royal Ascot 2012 From Rayban Clubmasters To Nude Shoes

Yesterday I went to Royal Ascot for Ladies’ Day and what a sight to behold. This year, the Powers-At-Be have introduced a strict new set of rules which have banned mid-riffs and bare shoulders and fascinators, deploying a team of ‘style attendants’ to ensure no one broke the rules.

The whole event was eye-opening. By 11.30am, someone had already been sick in the loos and at around lunchtime I saw someone faint by the Grandstand. But the clothes were, on the whole, pretty fabulous with most guests sticking to the new rules while looking (on occasion) on trend. Ascot? Who knew!

Here are the Top 5 Fashion Tips from Ascot (as spotted by me)

1.      Rayban Clubmasters – the only acceptable Raybans I’m afraid. Not hugely dissimilar to the Wayfarer, just a little golder and a lot less bulky. N.B. they don’t suit a big nose though. Soz, lady I saw in the red pencil skirt yesterday.

2.      Jewel colours – unfortunately a little bit 2010 for my liking but still, you might as well look like a precious stone while trying to accommodate posh fash rules. Emerald hats. Quartz dresses. Ruby-red brollies (yeah, it rained).

3.      Nude shoes – a given thanks to the herds of copy Kates. Designed to blend in with your skin tone so as to elongate your legs, they work very well on Kate Middleton. Less well on poorly-applied fake tan.

4.      Wellies – spotted on five different women in cocktail dresses. Oh how we laughed. Then it rained…

5.     Wide brims – in part because of the new fashion rules, but also because a wide brimmed hat doubles up as an umbrella



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