Marc Jacobs' Talks Body Perfection And The Meaning Of Luxury: VIDEO!

11 June 2012 by

The man has multiple fashion lines - ranging from $2 trinkets in his downtown Book Marc store to the ultra-opulent handbags and ready to wear at Louis Vuitton. So when we heard Marc Jacobs was shedding some light on his definition of what constitutes as luxury, we were pretty intrigued!

Speaking on film to German Interview magazine, he reclines casually on his leather armchair, all the while casually chain smoking. “Smoking’s the best. Smoking and sleeping are the two best things in the world”. All said completely deadpan...Marc does not beat around the bush!

When probed about the luxury market and what he believes to be luxury goods, Marc takes a break from his beloved cigarette so spill the beans…

“Luxury is…anything you don't need. I mean you need food, water, clothing, shelter, right? But good wine, good food, beautiful interiors, nice clothes; those aren't necessities, they are luxuries — it's all luxury. I mean, it would be a wonderful thing to have a private jet all the time. I know people who do fly by private jet all the time, like Larry Gagosian, who is a big art dealer. He has a private jet and flies all the time, and luckily I've hitched a ride on his plane a few times and it is not overrated at all. It's a great way to travel!"

We also have to admit we completely enjoyed how he describes striving for perfection, image wise. “Perfection is an ideal; I don’t think you could ever really achieve it. There’s always something to do. I mean I keep adding tattoos and piercings, and who knows what I’ll do in the future. I’d like to think I’m not done. I spend a couple of hours each day at the gym. Running is really hard for me first of all, because I don’t like to run. And secondly my smoking habit makes it even more difficult”. Again, said completely dead-pan. The man is a genius!

See the full video below...


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