08 June 2012

Katy Perry & Cheryl Cole on Graham Norton: Behind the Scenes with Grazia!

Well, you couldn’t wish for two better guests could you really? Last night Graham Norton managed to cajole two of the hottest and most sought after women on the planet, Cheryl and Katy Perry, onto his sofa for a chat. And we were there. Well, sitting in the audience - despite our best efforts they wouldn’t let us join the ladies on the couch.

The two popstars, who spent much of the evening giggling about their mutual love for Prince Harry with Katy admitting she thinks he’s a 'hot ginge', whilst Cheryl saying she would 'consider' him - i.e. she would love to date him.

Graham quizzed Cheryl (whose name we can’t quite write without wanting to add Cole onto the end of) on the decision to shorten her name, 'I couldn't fit the Cole on there so I just dropped it of the edge. It didn't fit with the artwork,' she said. She also admitted that since joining twitter a year ago she’s become slightly obsessed with the social networking site, she told Graham, 'I love just being able to talk to people direct. I dedicate time [to my fans].' Cheryl also revealed her rather the rather bizarre method she uses to go to sleep, 'When I go to sleep I like listening to Geordie Shore, not the vulgarity of it but the bridges and the familiarity of [the accents].' Each to their own Cheryl!

Whilst Katy Perry, who seemed remarkably fresh faced given that she had spent the previous night partying in east London until three in the morning admitted that there have been some tough times for her in the last year. She’s soon to release a 3d film which will chronicle her latest tour and include an insight into the break-down of her 14 month marriage to Russell Brand and she says there have been times when she’s not wanted to go on stage, 'I'm tired,' she said, 'There were a couple of times where a doctor had to give me a shot of vitamin B to get me on stage.' Going on to explain her resilience, 'I love being on stage and even though I went through some tough times my problems are my problems and not the audiences. So I went in that lift and I put a smile on my face and I went out with my tits spinning.' Here, here.

The best part of the night however was spotting Katy’s super-hot on off beau Florence and the Machine guitarist looking all cosy with the singer. Rob, who had gone to support Katy looked happy and relaxed in her company with the pair driving off for another night in Shoreditch shortly after the filming ended. Rob had three WHOLE beers in his hand, those two are wild!


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Carolina Barbosa (Fri Jun 08 19:39:01 BST 2012): linda
Carolina Barbosa (Fri Jun 08 19:48:36 BST 2012): aeee, fui a primeira a comentar, queria aproveitar essa oportunidade para mandar um beijo para minha mãe, pro meu pai, pra minha família. agradecer ao moderador dessa página por ter me dado essa oportunidade. Queria agradecer ao meu cachorro, minha empregada e meus seguidores do twitter, minha primeira namorada, meus amigos, ao capitão Planeta, a Katy Perry, ao Thor, ao Hulk, ao Superman, ao Marck. esse é um momento muito importante pra mim, vou levar para o resto the minha vida. Talvez seja o memento mais importante the minha vida. O memento que me define, me esforcei muito para ser o first, passei anos e anos me esforçando e me focando nisso. E agora estou aqui, tendo o melhor momento the minha vida, todo o esforço de uma vida esta resumido neste comentário, e agora aqui estou eu, sem palavras, simplesmente tendo o melhor momento the minha vida, queria agradecer também ao grande deus Odin, porque sem ele eu não seria nada, queria agradecer ao Deus Rá, porque sem ele não teria sol, ao Zeus, Poseidon, Helios, Thor, Isis, e quero mandar um beijo pro meu cachorro que morreu Milu ): queria mandar um beijo pro meu tia que está nos EUA, queria mandar um Alo pro Silvio Santos, Silvio eu sou sua fã cara, e queria mandar o Gugu tomar no see you. GUGUG VAI TOMAR NO CU, E por fim, queria agradecer a quem leu este comentario até o Fim. (precisei Kibar dsclp).
Janine Bedford (Sat Jun 09 17:38:25 BST 2012): thought it would be listening to herself sing.
Rora Momo Elhouseiny (Fri Jun 15 23:38:18 BST 2012): hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii