Rap-Star D'Angelo Feels His Body Is Objectified. Discuss.

07 June 2012 by

Rap-Star D'Angelo Feels His Body Is Objectified. Discuss.

Happy Cat-calling season! Well actually, there’s very little to celebrate as anyone who’s dared to wear shorts – in town – and received a handful of lewd comments from the opposite sex, will testify.
In this week’s issue of Grazia (out now!), we’re highlighting the horrors of catcalling but, controversially, from a man’s point of view. Rap-star D'Angelo caused controversy last week by saying that female fans wolf-whistling him on stage shows that men are just as objectified as women so we asked writer Matt Hambly to talk us through his own experience of being cat-called, wolf whistled at or, in one case, groped… by a woman.
Sounds bonkers, right? I mean who among you hasn’t been the unfortunate recipient of some utterly foul phraseology from some guy who thinks he has the right to comment on you, what you’re wearing and your gende?. And who among you has had the nerve to do the same back? Our guess is less of you will camp in the latter. And let it known that Matt is not, for one minute, making a comparison between unwanted attention from men and women. But it remains a probing, revelatory and quite shocking insight into what it’s like for men, too. And hell, anything that raises the profile of victims of catcalling is a good thing.

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