Made in Chelsea's Jamie Laing Talks Spencer, Professor Green and the Show's Finale: EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

04 June 2012 by

He’s the McVitie’s heir turned reality TV star who's captured the hearts of the nation with his totes hilaire quips on Made in Chelsea. He's the ‘little boi’ whose heart was broken when Louise dramatically ditched him for Spencer (sob). So with the season finale of Made in Chelsea airing on telly tonight (10pm people!), there's no one Grazia Daily would rather have a chat with than Mr Jamie Laing over a plate of biscuits (natch) and, er, rum (‘I’ve just come back from Barbados so am really into my rum right now'). The adorably cheeky chappy dished on everything from ‘Spenny’ and Pro Green to what's next for his 'lost bois'...

Grazia Daily: Why did you agree to go on Made in Chelsea? 
Jamie Laing: 
I’ve always wanted to go into presenting. My best friend's mum works at Sky so I called her up and asked her to help me out but she said my voice is too posh for me to be a presenter - people would find it hard to relate to me. So she advised me to do the show to help me get my foot in the door. But, before going on the show, I said to everyone that I would be myself and that I’d only do what I want to do.

Grazia Daily: Who do you get on best with from the show?
Jamie Laing: Proudlock and Francis are my boys! We’re called the three lost boys. We’re going to release a song soon, we’ve even made a funny cheesy 90’s boy band style video which we’re going to upload onto YouTube. We want to do a travelling blog too – we get lost and people tell us where to go next…

Grazia Daily: And who would you say is the biggest ladies man out of the three of you?
Jamie Laing: Francis is awkward, that’s just who he is. He’s the type of guy in a restaurant who will trip up on his chair and then trip over the waiter! So not him, either Proudlock or myself then.

Grazia Daily: So, now that Millie’s with Professor Green, do you hang out with him a lot?
Jamie Laing: He’s my boi! Pro Green is part of the crew now, we even rap battle [laughs] We’ve hung out a few times without Millie but it’s hard as he travels a lot. He’s one big guy! He’s like 6’5!

Grazia Daily: There have been lots of rumours about Made in Chelsea finishing - please say it isn't so!
Jamie Laing: I don’t think so! And Hugo didn’t start it either [as it’s been reported]. I don’t see why it wouldn’t go on, we got around 800,000 views last week.

Grazia Daily: Wow! But Spencer’s just been unveiled as the new Bachelor. We thought he's with Louise?
Jamie Laing: He is so 'on the moment'. He got offered the show and things weren’t really working with Louise so he just took it. He’s like a frog, he just bounces from lilypad to lilypad.

Grazia Daily: And, he’s played quite the villain this season…
Jamie Laing: He is one of my best friends but I can definitely see how he comes across badly. He was loved in the first and second season and then he fell from power. Cheska moans that people hate her but she is a meddler and Victoria and Rosie bitch so much together, they’re my two little witches! It’s like ‘The Hills’, everyone used to love Spencer [Pratt] and then he went psycho! The show does portray who you are…

Read the rest of Grazia Daily's interview with Jamie Laing on this very website on 14th June. The Series 3 finale airs on Monday at 10pm, E4. And what's that? You'd like to rummage through Millie Mackintosh's wardrobe? Then just click here.

by Delphine Chui and Jessica Vince


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