Piers Atkinson ‘Certainly’ Creating Hat For Queen's Jubilee Weekend! But Is It For Kate Middleton?

01 June 2012 by

Grazia Daily has just spent an hour in the brilliant company of Mr. Piers Atkinson, the milliner beloved of Lady Gaga and Anna Dello Russo at his just launched (i.e. this morning) pop-up shop in London. And it turns out, those rumours about Piers designing for Kate Middleton might just be true.

You’ll remember that there were rumours back at the beginning of the year about Piers possibly designing a hat for the Duchess of Cambridge to wear over the jubilee celebrations, with early reports suggesting she would wear Piers’ design for her trip accompanying the Queen to Leicester. Well, Piers has confirmed that he IS designing something for the jubilee weekend, though he wouldn’t confirm exactly which royal head it was for. ‘We are certainly doing some hats for the jubilee weekend, but in terms of what and where, we’re not quite sure… We might have a hat on the royal barge.. But I can’t guarantee that’. OOOOH! We’re excited.

piers atkinson pop up shop st martins lane

As much as we love Kate, the star of this weekend’s jubilee celebrations is undoubtedly the Queen herself, and Piers was suitably complimentary about the diamond gal’s choice of hats through her six decade reign. ‘She’s a great hat wearer. The Queen wears a good hat for current trends, contemporary trends, and her age… I think she wears the right hat for today.’

Of course, the most famous of all the Queen’s headpieces is the Imperial crown, designed in 1937 for George VI and remodelled in 1952 for the Queen. So, if Piers was approached to help remodel the crown for The Queen’s jubilee, what would he do? Well, ‘we’ve done a crown!’ he points out (pictured above) ‘which was photographed on Agyness Deyn. Less precious jewels, though.’

‘We’ve done these neon hats [like the famous ‘Anna’ neon, in the gallery above] so it would be quite good to do a neon crown, or something holographic or a projector. You know Grace Jones wore a Philip Treacy boater with a laser beam? It might be good to do something like that with the crown. A bit of modernisation!

piers atkinson pop up shop st martins lane piers atkinson pop up shop st martins lane

Piers’ pop-up shop, which has been designed as a bonkers bedroom by brill set designer and artistic director Alun Davies, is in the lounge of the gorgeous St Martins Lane hotel, and he’ll be in situ for a whole month as of today. Until the 11th he’s also offering a bespoke millinery service ostensibly for Ascot, with its new stricter dress code – ‘if there’s something in here that you’d like [to be designed with] a colour match, or a combination [of designs] - that’s the sort of thing’. He’s also offering a capsule range of designs, embellished with strawberries and in an area of the shop Piers refers to as the ‘jubilee red white and blue zone’. You can also purchase iconic designs like Piers’ neon ‘Anna’ design, and a selection of berets using the incredible fabrics of Zandra Rhodes. We. Loved. Them. All. And we can’t WAIT to see which design a certain royal opts for this weekend.


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