Pixie Lott On Her Jubilee Plans, Kate Middleton's Style PLUS Top British Designers

31 May 2012 by

The blissfully long Jubilee weekend is fast approaching - yeeep! - so when Grazia Daily bumped into Pixie Lott earlier this week, we naturally grilled the 21-year-old singer on her celebratory plans and all things British...

Grazia Daily: What do you like about being British?
Pixie Lott:
British music is the best - I would say that, though! But this year being British is even better because we have the Olympics and the Jubilee. It’s definitely the place to be.

Grazia Daily: Are you a big fan of the Queen? What do you think of her style?
Pixie Lott: I am! Her style’s great because she's not boring. I actually am really into pastels at the moment! But I like to wear black with them too, to mix it up a bit.

Grazia Daily: What are you going to wear for the celebrations?
Pixie Lott:
I’ve actually got red, white and blue coloured nails today! I thought I would make the effort and I definitely think everyone should wear red, white and blue the whole weekend.  

Grazia Daily: What are your plans for the weekend?
Pixie Lott:
I’m in Bristol on Friday as I’ve got a Jubilee gig and then it's Oliver’s [Cheshire, Pixie’s model boyfriend] birthday on Sunday and I’ve got my best friend’s 21st too which we’re going to celebrate by having a weekend festival type party at her family’s farm. I'll definitely keep an eye on what's going on in London though!

Grazia Daily: Can your friends expect a surprise performance?
Pixie Lott:  No! It’s all of my friends! Imagine if I started singing ‘Mama Do’ or something [laughs]. We’re quite a musical crowd anyway so people are going to bring their guitars and play around the fire.

Grazia Daily: What do you think of Kate Middleton's style?
Pixie Lott:  I think she’s lovely. She always looks beautiful and classy and I like it that she wears pieces more than once too. her wedding dress was amazing and I saw a picture of her wearing a cute little pale pink dress too which I really liked too.   

Grazia Daily: She was snapped sharing clothes with her mum; do you share clothes with yours?
Pixie Lott:
 I don’t share clothes with my mum, but I do share jewellery with her. I swap clothes with my 24-year-old sister, she always takes everything!  It comes in handy for her that we’re the same size.

Grazia Daily: If you could dress Kate in anything, what would it be?
Pixie Lott:  I think she’s looks lovely, I think she looks just how a Duchess should look. She has a style as well, she’s not just boring, and I like that she wears the same thing more than once!

Grazia Daily: Who are your favourite British Designers?
Pixie Lott:  I really like Christopher Kane, Vivienne Westwood and Burberry. They’re probably my favourites.

Grazia Daily: What’s your favourite thing in your wardrobe?
Pixie Lott: My favourite thing in my wardrobe are a pair of blue shoes from Miu Miu that have cats all over them, I’ve worn them so much.

Grazia Daily: What five items in your wardrobe can you not live without?
Pixie Lott:
First, it’s got to be shorts, I have a pair in every colour and I can wear them in the summer and in the winter with tights. I think always a LBD because you can wear it plain for occasions you can make it look completely different by putting accessories on it. Also, a leather jacket because it always edges things up if they look too girl. A pair of brogues because I always wear brogues in the day and finally, a blazer!

Grazia Daily: Are you planning to do any shout outs to the Queen at your gig this weekend?
Pixie Lott:  I haven’t thought about it yet really, but maybe it will get everyone in the Jubilee spirit… Watch this space.

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