21 May 2012 by

Fashion Industry In Shock Over Major Robbery At William Vintage London Store

The aftermath of the William Vintage store robbery

Our thoughts go out today to vintage fashion collector and purveyor extraordinaire – William Banks-Blaney. Last night his entire William Vintage store on Marylebone Street – where you’d usually find gleaming rails of top quality designer vintage, rare collector’s couture and red-carpet worthy gowns a-plenty – was ram-raided and robbed. William promptly took to Twitter to raise awareness and attempt to seek information to track down the culprits. In the process he posted picture after heart-wrenching picture of not only the destroyed shop, but the gorgeous pieces that had been swiped. It was only a few days ago that William was excitedly posting shots of new products. “We have lost Dior, Courrèges, Halston, Ossie Clark and pieces I have travelled the world to find.” He said on his Twitter account earlier today.

William, who initially cut his teeth as an art and antiques dealer and also has an interior design company on the side, had been enjoying a rather good year until now. He hosted an ultra-glamorous profile-boosting pre-Bafta dinner earlier in February, where a bevvy of beautiful-with-brains starlets (like Gillian Anderson, Anna Frield and Vicki McClure) modelled his carefully edited fashion discoveries to perfection. He has voiced online that the estimated financial damage sits within the tens of thousands bracket, but consider the sentimental bashing – you can’t put a real price can’t be put on the time, hard work and sheer dedication that goes into finding these pieces. So it’s an overwhelming task the William Vintage team have ahead of them, but they were already fixing up in time for a nine o’clock appointment this morning. Does this mean the end to stores and designers Tweeting about their latest products hitting the shop-floor? Are savvy fashion thieves really monitoring Twitter? We do hope not. Someone somewhere knows something… and we hope they'll speak up soon.


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Sadie Boon (Tue May 22 10:11:37 BST 2012): This is awful, really awful. I just hope to god the scumbags who robbed the pieces don't destroy them in an attempt to cover their tracks. I cant imagine hwo they can sell the pieces on without someone in the industry working it out. After all, its not like vintage pieces of that quality come on the market very often especially in large quantities!
Nelda Cardenas (Tue May 22 14:16:09 BST 2012): This is awful, very sad news.
Simon Llewellyn (Tue May 22 20:37:40 BST 2012): hear hear Sadie.....they surely wouldn't try and sell them?....but then, we are talking scummy little bastards with probs no real love of clothing....
John Deen (Wed May 23 18:28:28 BST 2012): Who cares
Susan Hayward (Thu May 24 08:32:15 BST 2012): Devastating for the poor man, the greed and lack of scruples of some individuals is mind boggling.
Christine Edun (Thu May 24 09:38:48 BST 2012): Terrible he must be heart broken and in such shock
Susan Hayward (Thu May 24 10:05:35 BST 2012): Yes Christine Edun its absolutely despicable that some individuals in our society feel its OK to profit from the hard work of others and to leave his shop in such a state!!! Its a pity that it is unlikely they will be apprehended and more of a pity that if caught they do not brand them for the thieves they are. There are not enough deterrents in our society.
Susan Hayward Vintage (Fri Sep 21 15:52:55 BST 2012): I think he does :)