WATCH Lady Gaga's 'Big Eyeballs And The Overbite' In The Simpsons!

18 May 2012 by

WATCH Lady Gaga's Cameo In 'The Simpsons'!

“OMG its Lady Gaga. Lada Gaga. THE Lady Gaga!“ - that was when we fell in love with Matt Groening but this was not, of course, a random super-fan outburst from the show’s longstanding creator and executive producer - oh no. In fact, Gaga will be appearing on the 2547th season finale of 'The Simpsons' that airs in the US this weekend and we’ve just had a cheeky look at what we can expect to see!

The just-released video (scroll down to watch) shows Gagaloo recording her lines with the 'Simpsons' crew and includes amazing sound bites from Groening too. Firstly, the songstress fills us in on her much anticipated episode: ”I come to Springfield on a train with huge shoes on it. And I come to make the people of Springfield happy for a moment. They’re [the Simpsons cast and crew] so wonderfully talented… I think I was more nervous than I’ve ever been, because I have so much respect for them, I just wanted to do a good job.”

Groening then pipes up with his rather gushing but seemingly genuine love for the Gaga, which is actually a little heartwarming. “We just recorded her and she was fan-tastic,” he says in his lovely American drawl.

WATCH Lady Gaga's 'Big Eyeballs And The Overbite' In The Simpsons!

And what will she be wearing you ask? “Lady Gaga is going to look stunningly beautiful in this episode, however it is by 'Simpsons' standards, so, the big eyeballs, and the overbite,” Groening reveals. “And I think that at one point, her hair is going to be slightly taller than Marge’s. You think that her dresses in real life are crazy? Wait til you see what we draw!”

Boy oh boy we can’t wait! See the full video below...



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