Now Lady Gaga Wears A Lime Green Dress - Is Her Style Going Off The Boil?

17 May 2012 by

Now Lady Gaga Wears A Lime Green Dress - Is Her Style Going Off The Boil?

We can’t believe we’re actually going to say this, but has Lady Gaga gone off the boil? Are the wacktacular outfits drying up? Can any one woman really have the style horsepower and limitless creativity (even with the wunderbar Haus of Gaga’s support) to create non-stop clothing shocks for four whole years? Heck! We can barely get through the week without (and we’d like to add this is entirely acceptable) repeating a garment or five…

We’re tentatively putting that controversial question forward because we’ve noticed a decline in the jaw-dropping OMG moments that are usually associated with Gaga’s garb. We miss that debate-raging quality her sartorial swipes normally make. Take today’s Tapei look as a good example: while we appreciate there’s nothing particularly mass-market about The Ladyship’s Kermit-green gown and that her hair, makeup and sunglasses are all as quirky as to be expected, once upon a time Gaga would’ve dressed up as Kermit, not just steal his signature colour. And nothing was ever ‘as to be expected’.

Yesterday Grazia Daily reported on the pop star’s repeat of the infamous meat-dress, only this time it was too perfectly cut – and not out of meat. It was a tame version of a terrifyingly Gaga-ish original. Then there’s the hair-dress obsession. To wear a dress made of human hair once (maybe even twice for those who missed the first time) is spectacularly spooky, but eight times and the hair dress starts to seem like a reasonable investment for all of us!

We all know she favours working in fashion phases. Firstly leotard Lady Gaga was taken to the max. Sci Fi Lady Gaga was a fun one. We’ve also had vintage Versace Gaga, the baroque-shirted look that spawned a thousand followers and rip-offs. And can you remember super-smart going-to-work Gaga? She sharpened up in killer tailoring and surprised us all with… minimalism! But her last efforts may be considered a tad lazy. What would you suggest to the Lady to get back in the groove? Tell us below!


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Cheryl Helm (Thu May 17 20:29:45 BST 2012): People will make up excuses to criticize Gaga no matter what she wears...from cutting edge avant garde wearable art to this classy Vintage Versace, it's always either "too much" or "not enough" out of the mouths of ignorant 'critics'.
Coralie Tringham (Thu May 17 21:19:06 BST 2012): Well I genuinely applaud her variety and interestingness of fashion, I just hope its in earnest and not forced on her by publicists etc. Also, no-one ever knows what is happening inside another person's life, so she should be treated as a real human and not... you know..."THE GAGA" I don't care about all that guff.
David Nelson (Fri May 18 02:51:56 BST 2012): w.evs ha she is who she wants to be.
(Fri May 18 04:41:56 BST 2012): Gaggs, I'm astonished at this look; couldn't u have at least shown us the back? (or even a tart appliqué would have been extraordianier. I can't spell it GGAGGS.) Gaggs, U could have used Green silk Moire with a bias-striate-slashed indigo. tube sash. (Gaggme) U look like something that came over the horizon on stilts, asking for directions to a fish rookery. Gaggs, this is not 'good look' to anorexics. If you had cut away small shapes of. fruits and veggus, the green might be the 'good look', though I can't imagine what. to call it. gaga-ovation-gigs-us Actually, I'm just looking at a gored sleeve and duplicate it to the point at cf neck, clasped around the back of the neck, then weave the sash up through the hair. Damn you're f that FABULOUS >< GaGa!@. GaggZzGalicious for mi GaGa.