Nancy Dell’Olio On Kate Middleton's Style: 'She could have more fun'

10 May 2012 by

Nancy Dell’Olio On Kate Middleton's Style: 'She could have more fun'

'She looks like a proper princess!' we gasped upon seeing Kate Middleton in a floor-sweeping, creamy white gown plus Jimmy Choo sandals at Claridge's Hotel earlier this week. Roland Mouret was the man behind the elegant frock and, as he exclusively told Grazia Daily, was understandably thrilled to see the Duchess of Cambridge swathed in one of his creations.

But there's one lady who is not so impressed by the DoC's sartorial choices. Step forward Nancy Dell’Olio, the ex-girlfriend of Sven Goran Eriksson who's not known for her err, understated style (please see below). ‘She is only 30; she doesn’t have to dress like the Queen yet,' Nancy told the Daily Mail when asked about Kate's wardrobe. 'Her look is often the same — the fitted suit and the nude heels. She is still so young. She could have more fun.’ Like THIS, you mean Nance?

Nancy Dell’Olio On Kate Middleton's Style: 'She could have more fun' Nancy Dell’Olio On Kate Middleton's Style: 'She could have more fun' Nancy Dell’Olio On Kate Middleton's Style: 'She could have more fun'

Nancy Dell’Olio's err, eclectic style

As for poor Pippa, Kate’s little sister isn't spared from the Dell’Olio wrath either. ‘There is nothing she has worn since the royal wedding last year that has caught my attention,’ Nancy reveals. ‘Is perhaps a little bit naughty of me, but in Italy the word “pippa” can be used to describe something average, mediocre.’ Yikes!

And what of Kate Moss, one of Britain's greatest style icons? ‘I’ve met Kate Moss, and I don’t understand what all the fuss is about,’ says the 50-year-old. ‘She’s a good model, but she’s not inspiring.’ Ok really, Nancy, you can stop now.

But there's more! ‘Boring,’ is how she describes Samantha Cameron. ‘She is nice looking and has a lovely figure, but there is something missing. On the Camerons’ visit to America, she was sometimes overshadowed next to Michelle Obama. I didn’t understand why she wore a blue floral dress with a high collar to the State dinner. It was so strange. Maybe David, he tell her to cover up?’

GULP. So we want to hear your thoughts on Nancy's scathing comments - refreshingly honest or outrageously off the mark? Go on, you can tell us...

UPDATE: Over on Grazia UK's Facebook page, Octavia Holmes says, 'Personally I would take criticism from Nancy Dell'Olio as a compliment. She always looks terrible, ergo if she thinks someone looks good, they probably don't!' Meawhile, Kelly Davidson argues, 'I don't see Kate Middleton as a style icon, she is chic certainly but not 'fashion'. Take a look at Kate Middleton's wardrobe here then let us know your verdict...


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