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Nicholas Kirkwood Slams Kate Middleton For Lack Of ‘Princess-y’ Style

Nicholas Kirkwood Slams Kate Middleton For Lack Of ‘Princess-y’ Style

And so the Kate debate rumbles on. Following Grazia’s cover story this week which asked ‘Kate Middleton: Style Queen?’ several fashion voices have joined the discussion – with our favourite German cobbler Nicholas Kirkwood making the most vociferous stand. Speaking to The Daily Beast, Kirkwood attacked K-Middy’s penchant for high street footwear and her lack of ‘Princess-y’ style. He says:

“It’d be great if she did wear [my] shoes. She just wears too much high street stuff. I know she’s trying to be democratic, but I don’t know how many pairs of LK Bennett you can wear. She does occasionally come out and is wearing [Alexander] McQueen or something like that. It’s like, ‘Do that more! You’re meant to be a princess-y type of person, so act like one!"

Kirkwood also offers an insight into his early career working as a salesman for legendary milliner Philip Tracey – who he had met skiing in Swiss resort Klosters. Kirkwood recalls Treacy finding him asleep at work and shouting “You’re here to sell hats!” But all was not so acrimonious as Kirkwood says Treacy taught him “the idea of not trying to do something for the sake of sales. If you’re going to say something, say it with conviction. Don’t wash it down, because it may appeal more to the masses.”

And offering a hint perhaps why the Duchess of Cambridge might not be his number one client, Kirkwood says “I’ve tried to build the brand on an aesthetic and recognize all sorts of shapes which haven’t been referenced in vintage shoes and just invent them.” From his fantastical heels to whacky colour combinations, the reason we love Nicholas Kirkwood is his total originality – but we can appreciate he might not be right up the DoC’s strasse.  



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Majorie Richards Vos (Wed May 02 18:20:07 BST 2012): I think that Kate AND the Queen look fab (stop harrissing them!) and Kirkwood's shoes are defo NOT princessy at all.
Bee Wyeth (Wed May 02 20:16:31 BST 2012): Kirkwood's shoes are more suitable for Lady Gaga. There is nothing princessy about his style it's more wicked stepmother. Kate is the Double Dip recession Duchess and as such she is doing a grand job promoting British fashion and making people who shop on the High Street feel good. Carry on Kate!
Carol Alexandria (Wed May 02 22:30:59 BST 2012): Kirkwood shoes princessy NO I DOn't THINK SO poor girl LEAVE HER ALONE.
(Thu May 03 09:08:20 BST 2012): I love Kate's style. Just because she is not wearing outlandish expensive designer outfits doesn't mean that she lacks style. Looking at her, you get the feeling that she wears clothes she feels comfortable and good in! No one can beat that. Leave her alone!
(Thu May 03 09:09:54 BST 2012): Oh and Kate does NOT have to act like a princess! SHE IS ONE!
Nicola Smith Born Wright (Thu May 03 09:29:26 BST 2012): I don't remember there being this much debate about Diana's choice of designer, just whether she looked good or not - which of course she did most of the time! As she seems to be right on track for being the next people's Princess, it's wonderful to see her seemingly in tune with the people, whether it be who she sees, where she visits, or her choice of footwear! & FYI, LK Bennet maybe "highstreet", but they're still above the price range of a heck of a lot of us!
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Maureen Hynd (Mon May 14 17:36:00 BST 2012): Firstly, leave Kate alone, I think she`s doing a great job! (I`m not even a royalist) and secondly who the hell is Nicholas Kirkwood? He`s obviously taken the hump because she`s not wearing any of his shoes and quite frankly, having seen them, who the hell would want to. I hope Kate continues to fly the flag for the British High Street.