£10,000 For The Queen's Crown Jewels? Yes, Really!

02 May 2012 by

QVC's Diamonique Jubilee Crown

Thought that the Queen’s jewels were one of a kind? And that one couldn’t get one’s greedy mitts on them? We did too, but were rather tickled to see this exact copy of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation crown. QVC have created the Diamonique Jubilee Crown to auction off for Breast Cancer Care over the Jubilee weekend. Oh yes – a triple combo of patriotism, jewellery-loving and a charitable cause.

And now for the stats...

The Imperial State Crown is the nation’s most popular item in the Crown Jewels Collection according to a live poll on the Historic Royal Palaces website.

 The original Imperial State Crown that QVC have copied took over 8 months to make back in 1937, for the coronation of King George VI. Luckily thanks to advances in technology the Diamonique version took a fraction of the time to make – a speedy 30 days!

The Diamonique Jubilee Crown features 2,276 diamond replicas while the original Imperial State Crown features the Second Star of Africa - the world's second largest cut diamond at 317.4 carats, The magnificent piece contains 2,868 diamonds on silver mounts, 17 sapphires, 11 emeralds and 269 pearls in gold mounts.

The Diamonique crown weighs approximately 1.5kg while the Imperial version weighs a mere 0.91 kg.



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Benjamin Brooks-Dutton (Wed May 02 17:08:51 BST 2012): Team QVC work fit for the Queen.
(Wed May 02 19:47:42 BST 2012): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGIjTsmrZMg concert http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VydSEqcrur4 adjust volume
Lynn Butteriss (Fri May 04 09:59:21 BST 2012): I want it!
Margrate Penn (Thu May 10 16:17:15 BST 2012): Just browsing about, trying to make a cake fit for a Queen....