Anna Dello Russo Has Over 4000 Pairs Of Shoes And Wears Abercrombie And Fitch!

01 May 2012 by

Anna Dello Russo Has Over 4000 Pairs Of Shoes And Wears Abercrobie And Fitch!

It's good to know that it wasn't just us who stole our mother’s clothes - in fact, Kate Middleton still shares her wardrobe with her mum! - and we’ve just learned that Anna Dello Russo did too.

ADR divulged some of her wardrobe secrets to Emilio Pucci’s creative and artistic director, Peter Dundas, in a brilliant interview with the Financial Times. Our favourite quote? When the Editor at Large reminisced about her clothes-snatching days when she was a child.When I could, I would force my mum to buy designer clothes from Callaghan, Complice, Missoni and Versace so I could wear them on my Saturday night outings. They were too tight for her and too big for me, so I nipped them with belts or pinned them.” Genius!


Anna's wardrobe as shown to The Coveteur

Always on the lookout for a snoop around fash-pack wardrobes, we were equally thrilled when Dello Russo dished the dirt on her own (presumably) walk-in wardrobe –I like to consider myself the guardian of fashion. When I moved house 10 years ago, I had 4,000 pairs of shoes. I had to buy a bigger home to store all the clothes because I need closets, not kitchens, and many are now in my house in Bari [in the southern Puglia region]. I’m super tidy so every item is catalogued, stored in garment bags with tissue paper, perfumed and on hangers that are all the same.”

4000 pairs of shoes ten years ago? Surely that must have doubled since then! Although, the woman barely repeats a look, so we’re not that surprised. ADR also reveals that she's 'not a fan of bags because anything that is practical isn't handsome'. HA! If anything, she prefers a clutch. Natch.

Anna's accessories table as shown to The Coveteur

ADR also hilariously reveals that her gym-wear is none other than American preppy favourite Abercrombie and Fitch! “Pajamas and tracksuits are sloppy so I only wear Abercrombie & Fitch tracksuits to go to my yoga class. If you dress comfortably, you don’t get the look.” Harsh words ADR, but we’d expect nothing less from you!


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