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The Rise of the Super Bum: Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj & Jennifer Lopez Show How to Dress Your Booty

If you, like us, love a music video, you may have recently noticed the importance of the super-bum. As equally fabulously pert as it is extensive, the super bum stars in both Nicki Minaj's and Jennifer Lopez's new music videos. JLo - the original doyenne of derriere - famously insured her bottom for millions, while new booty on the block Nikki Minaj offers a new bum icon for the younger generation. One thing is clear - where a big bum was once something to hide under a loose fitting tunic or a well-placed jumper around the waist, it has now taken its rightful place - centre stage with women across the world keen to flaunt their rear assets. 

While it can be inappropriate to reveal a busty bosom, a large bum - as long as it is well covered - is perfectly acceptable in nearly every social situation. Trading on their ample bottoms, Nikki, JLo and Kim Kardashian all manage to flatter their shape to create a sexy but no slutty image.


Both Kim and Jennifer favour bandage style body con dresses that follow the contours of their extraordinary figures.

Rather than trying to disguise their curves, both draw attention to their shape. One tactic that both JLo and Kim use to maximise their posterior potential is the selection of high waisted, wide leg trousers. To the uninitiated this may seem like the worst idea ever - as the high waist and ample fabric manages to make a big bum look even bigger - but through the eyes of the super-bum connoisseur nothing could be more attractive.


For women who have been raised to be ashamed of an excessive ass it does take some time to adjust your perspective - the super bum is a world away from the neat 'Sloggi' shape to which we had aspired. But anything that allows us to be proud of our shape AND eat a couple more biscuits is just fine by us.


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Georgette Williams (Tue May 01 09:04:05 BST 2012): Ermmmm! How is this news? Sitahs & Senioritas with ample derriere have known 'HOW TO DRESS OUR BODY' for years...We have never been ashamed of our backsides & in fact get worshiped for it on the daily...Please lets not make this a new 'fashion thing'(kinda insulting) but praise to Kim, J-lo and Nicky for embracing what your mama gave ya..
ronireports.com (Wed May 02 11:42:45 BST 2012): I agree with the comment below me! Black women were CRITICIZED for yearrrssss because we had large bottoms, and now everyone is acting like Kim Kardashian was the first woman with a big butt...and it's all of a sudden acceptable? Twisted ass America.
Martin Trevor (Sun May 06 21:17:11 BST 2012): Rise of the super bum finally!!!
Jessica Geen (Thu May 17 22:16:57 BST 2012): I was just reading this article and did a double take when I saw Trev's comment at the bottom. Didn't know you liked Grazia, Trev.
Martin Trevor (Thu May 17 22:33:48 BST 2012): Well, I dabble... Harriet was logged in as me and posted this. Honest.
Martin Trevor (Fri May 18 18:28:46 BST 2012): Hahhahahahahahhahahahahahajjaja! I love girls with massives asses!
EL Yaid Rajawi (Fri Nov 30 22:28:45 GMT 2012): ss
Kudzaimambo Kapenzi (Sun Jan 06 13:53:00 GMT 2013): bum? that buttttttttttttttttttt!
Kíng Paul Marsh (Sat Jul 27 19:06:20 BST 2013): This is a UK site. but yes I agree. Seems to be the way the media works. Still... regardless of what was popular or acceptable. I've always liked big bums! If you don't like a big arse on a woman then there's something wrong with you.