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Lindsay Lohan Proves She CAN Play Elizabeth Taylor In TV Biopic Thanks To Old Photoshoot

Lindsay Lohan Proves She Can Play Elizabeth Taylor In TV Biopic 'Liz and Dick' Thanks To Old Photoshoot 

UPDATE: Earlier this week, it was revealed that Lindsay Lohan is set to play Elizabeth Taylor in a TV film biopic. We struggled to imagine the wild child actress playing the Hollywood mega star but this Karl Lagerfeld-directed shoot of LiLo for the June 2006 issue of Interview Magazine proves that she really can pull it off. This shot from the spread shows her posing up a storm when she was just 19 sporting a jet black mop and a sexy negligee just like the one Liz wore in Butterfield 8. So if these photos are anything to go by, we think LiLo is going to look just fab. What say you?

Lindsay Lohan To Play Elizabeth Taylor In TV Biopic 'Liz and Dick'?! Lindsay Lohan To Play Elizabeth Taylor In TV Biopic 'Liz and Dick'?!

25/04/12: When we first heard about a possible Elizabeth Taylor biopic, Grazia HQ were all in talks of who would make the perfect Liz Taylor - a brunette Charlize Theron? Zooey Deschanel? Emma Stone? We couldn't decide - but we were all surprised when it came down to two… Megan Fox and er, Lindsay Lohan. And now, LiLo has taken critics by storm with her announcement yesterday that she IS set to play the star in TV film, ‘Liz and Dick’. The movie will chart her stormy relationship with fellow 'Cleopatra' actor, Richard Burton who met while they were both married. Oo errr, this sounds brilliant.

But talkshow host Rosie O’Donnell has spoken out about her concerns over Lindsay’s commitment to the role, describing her state as ‘not in a place to work.’ After having to pull out of the Linda Lovelace biopic last year due to her failure to attend a court hearing for a DUI charge, we’re happy to see the 25-year-old actress back on her feet. Remember just how good she was in Mean Girls and our teenage guilty pleasure Freaky Friday? The girl can act and she looks great brunette, right? 

‘I am very honoured to have been asked to play this role,’ Lindsay said of her latest acting gig, ‘I have always admired and had enormous respect for Elizabeth Taylor. She was not only an incredible actress but an amazing woman as well.’ Can you imagine LiLo’s Liz Taylor makeover? We’re expecting glitz, diamonds, fur and lots of liquid eyeliner. So who will play alongside her as Richard? Our bets are on Clive Owen…You?


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(Sun Apr 29 18:19:03 BST 2012): No way...Lohan has none of the class or style not to mention the beauty that Elizabeth possessed! Who is the idiot who decided this?
Sheena Cortes (Thu May 24 05:51:19 BST 2012): It's not bad either. Well, I'm looking forward to how Lindsay is going to play the role. Will she be as classy as Taylor? I would want to know. :) After all, she deserves a second chance just as anyone else. So, I would like to see how she' manage herself if she will be any better than anyone else.
Karen Gray Stein (Mon May 28 21:33:41 BST 2012): YES! I think she needs this chance to prove herself. I think she will play this roll fantastically! Can't wait!
Isabell AbnArtgs (Tue Jun 12 23:02:30 BST 2012): es vergonzoso
María Lalana (Tue Jun 12 23:26:35 BST 2012): Pero quién decide estas cosas? CharlizeTheron, Zooey Deschanel... y se quedan entre Megan Fox y Lindsay Lohan? y encima eligen a la más demacrada de las dos? por favor!! Imagino que la idea será del mismo idiota que decidió que Kristen Stewart competía en belleza con Charlize Theron... madre de dios...
Dale Drake (Tue Oct 09 14:52:26 BST 2012): Megan fox actually looks more like Taylor Lindsay just doesn't have the class r the looks to play Taylor.