Intimissimi Model Irina Shayk Talks Kate Moss’s Style and Her White House Wardrobe: EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

26 April 2012 by

When Grazia Daily met Irina Shayk – AKA the face of Intimissimi and girlfriend of Real Madrid footballer Cristiano Ronaldo – at the Intimissimi Perfect Bra Collection launch this week, the model was clad in a vintage royal blue draped dress, braving bare legs and towering over us in black Christian Louboutin pointed heels. Even though she was fighting off a cold (her Russian accent was particularly raspy!) she was keen to tell us about some of her style secrets and just how many wardrobes she owns…   

Grazia Daily: How would you describe your style?
Irina Shayk: My style is a mix and really depends on my mood when I wake up. Fashion is something that you feel comfortable with and sometimes I want to be trendy, and other times I want to be sexy! I mix a lot of different brands and I’d never buy one whole collection from one brand. Sometimes I wake up and put my sweat pants on and feel sexy and still very stylish and sometimes you wear an evening dress and feel sexy too, so it just depends on my mood.

Grazia Daily: If you could raid anyone else’s wardrobe, like another celebrities wardrobe, whose wardrobe would you take?
Irina Shayk: So many people! I think a woman always thinks another woman’s wardrobe is better than our own! I’d love Kate Moss’s wardrobe. I think she is really cool and even some of my friends, I would steal my friend [American model] Jessica White’s whole wardrobe! And some of my friends from Moscow dress really well. I would love to go in the night while they sleep and pick some stuff out [laughs] I have a lot of holes in my wardrobe, I’m missing some cool stuff.

Intimissimi Model Irina Shayk style fashion wardrobe.jpg

Anyone else itching to raid Irina Shayk's wardrobe?

Grazia Daily: What wardrobe staples are you still in need of?
Irina Shayk: Lots of things! I need more belts, bags and shoes - I will never have enough shoes! - Either we think we have nothing to wear or we end up having no space to store our clothes, so we will never feel amazing about our wardrobes!  

Grazia Daily: What does your wardrobe look like at home?
Irina Shayk: I have two wardrobes actually. I have two floors in my apartment and the first level has a small wardrobe, it’s a walk in but it’s not big and most of it is for lingerie because I have been working with Intimissimi for over six years so have a lot! I put some skirts and jeans and my summer clothes in that downstairs wardrobe but I built a space for my 300 pairs of shoes in my upstairs wardrobe so that’s quite big and that has my winter clothes in. I have space to build for another wardrobe but I don’t have enough clothes to fill it yet!  

Grazia Daily: Who inspires your style?
Irina Shayk: It depends. Sometimes I wake up and go to a red carpet and think ‘I have to wear Versace because I love it and I’ll feel sexy in it’ and sometimes I want to wear someone less well known, I love Alexander Wang because his stuff is so cool and stylish. It depends on how I feel, I sometimes like to wear something that will make people say ‘wow I never thought she would wear that!’ and other times I go safe and just wear a dress.

Grazia Daily: We hear you'll be attending the White House Correspondents' Dinner this weekend, have you planned what you're going to wear yet?
Irina Shayk: I will wear a beautiful gown, of course! Either from Marchesa or Versace...

Grazia Daily: What’s the most treasured possession in your wardrobe?
Irina Shayk: It has to be lingerie! I can’t live without it! I’m the girl who wakes up in the morning and even if I am in a bad mood and I look and feel bad, I will always put on nice, sexy lingerie, even under workout clothes because it makes you feel better and changes your mood. I am definitely a lingerie/swimsuit girl. So many people think you can wear some nice clothes on top with an OK bra but I wouldn’t feel comfortable.  

Grazia Daily: Do you always match your underwear then?
Irina Shayk: No, not at all. I play with it all the time and mix and match. I can wear sexy underwear on the bottom and a very casual bra.

Grazia Daily: What’s your favourite high street store?
Irina Shayk: I like H&M and Topshop but you have to go and really look, it’s like a game, you go and hunt for this piece that some people are like ‘wow I like that’ and you’re like ‘oh it was only 10 bucks!’


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