We Talk To Rita Ora's Stylist About Trackies, Mullets And The Brits: EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

18 April 2012 by

West London-raised blonde singing bombshell Rita Ora is fast moving up our girl crush list. Whilst Jay Z’s new signing may be producing music that sounds fresh (and we defy you to not find ‘Hot Right Now’ insanely catchy), she’s actually embracing a 1990s East 17 movement when it comes to her wardrobe. That means tie-waist flannel shirts, precariously placed beanie hats, sneakers and baggy layers. You heard right, this old-skool street grunge – as favoured by unlikely icon Brian Harvey - really is happening out there on the sidewalks of 2012. But of course, with a hot bod like Rita’s, a enviably well-modelled crop top and sawn-off pair of denim hotpants are never a faraway update. We’ve also spotted Rita doing uber-glam red carpet siren; the backless Donna Karan moment she had at Cartier’s Juste Un Clou party last weekend proves it. You can scroll through her best outfits above.

Rita styled by Kyle and photographed by Nedim Nazerali

So, it’s obvvy that RO’s got a strong sense of personal style, but who’s the person behind the outfits? A Mr Kyle De’volle. We caught up with the Brit stylist and image consultant, who has been friends with Rita for the past seven years, to chat trackies, wannabes and the possible return of the mullet…

Grazia Daily: So Kyle, can you sum Rita's style up in three words? 

Kyle De’volle: Original, Quirky, Refreshing.

GD: What's her look based upon? Where do you find inspiration?

KD: Classic Gwen Stefani has a big influence, then mixed with a dash of street.

GD: She's defintely working a really interesting mix, making a lot of street essentials - hoodies, trackies, beanies but turning them into something really glamorous. How do you think that works?

KD: I think she’s achieving this as we still keep strong feminine accents, like glamorous make up, hair and nails.

GD: Have you noticed other girls emulating her? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen quite a few….

KD: Yes, I’ve actually noticed loads of girls rocking the Rita Ora look and I think it’s really sweet.

GD: Do you think the shirt/sweater tied-around-the-waist is having a bit of a comeback?! And what else do you want to resurrect from the '90s?

KD: Yes! Rita and I have been doing it for years and everyone thought we were crazy… so it’s cool to see it making a comeback! And I see the mullet eventually coming back, too! Mark my words.

Rita and Kyle on a shoot

GD: What's been your favourite look of hers so far do you think?

KD: The Brit Awards is something that will always stick in my head, as it was our first time choosing a gown, so it all felt very grown up. But my fave look of all time defo has to be the grey Vivienne Westwood trouser suit she wore to the show at London Fashion Week. She looked amazing!

GD: What’s Rita’s secret style weapon?

KD: Rita loves vintage designers pieces, especially vintage Chanel. Chanel always adds that bit of class to any outfit.

GD: What's her biggest fashion obsession and what's yours? 

KD: Hers are watches! The bigger the better she says. Mine are rings… I LOVE rings.

GD: Rita looks like so much fun to dress, you have so many impromptu shoots on your blog, so is she really up for trying bold new trends and thinking outside of the box?

KD: Yes she is! And she’s always coming to me with mad crazy ideas. She loves fashion - it’s just as much a part of her as music.

GD: How does Rita react when you show her what you've chosen?

KD: Jumps up and down and does a little dance!

GD: And finally, we must know, do you think yourself or Rita would ever create your own label or collaboration?

KD: Definitely. But all in good time….

GD: You tease!



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