Alexa Chung Nails Airport Style By Wrapping Up In A Duffle: We Want Her (Coat) Wardrobe

18 April 2012 by

With the April showers giving us a chill this week, we’re looking to our favourite trend-setters for cold weather wardrobe tips. Step forward Alexa Chung who arrived in chilly Blighty today to remind us that every cloud has a (stylish) silver lining.

The hipster Brit proved chicness needn’t go out the window when the rain sets in, giving us a masterclass in airport – let alone April – dressing. She looked as casual-cool as ever wrapped up in a snug duffle coat with a cheeky polka dot collar peeping out teamed with black skinny jeans, rock star boots and a pair of ‘just-arrived-from-NY’ shades. Ah, classic Chung.

Alexa Chung Duffle coat a.jpg Alexa Chung Wraps Up In A Tomboyish Duffle Coat Alexa Chung Duffle coat a.jpg

Alexa Chung's duffle love

In fact, you may have noticed Alexa has quite the predilection for duffles when she’s off-duty. The cute coat works brilliantly with her school-girl-esque style and tomboyish leanings, not to mention that quintessential British-ness. She often cracks out Paddington Bear’s trademark garment when the colder weather hits, teaming it with a luxury bag and a pair of masculine ankle boots.

The Brit beauty even wore a navy blue version on the red carpet back in 2008 [above left] and when she rocked up to last year’s opening of the swanky W Hotel, she layered her favourite duffle with wooden toggles over some double denim [above right]. Had she spent the day hiking through the English countryside? In an utterly hipster way, of course.

Yep, Chungers is a pro at keeping us on our toes, nonchalantly pulling off classic pieces mixed with a touch of quirk. As we noted in our round-up of Alexa’s fashion formula, she has a timeless repertoire of chic trenches, preppy Barbours and yes, dustmen coats to top off her hipster aesthetic. So have a scroll through the gallery above and prepare to drool over Alexa’s greatest outerwear hits. Needless to say, we want them ALL.


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