GUESS how much Tommy Ton spent on clothes last year?

12 April 2012

Next time you feel guilty for that payday splurge at Whistles, take a second to think about Tommy Ton’s spending habits. The Jak & Jil founder recently confessed that his tendency to have a financial binge or two has completely spiralled out of control over the last year – and we don’t just mean a little slip. Nope, he told blogger Shopghost that last year he spent the equivalent of the ‘average person’s salary’ on updating his wardrobe. Green with envy yet? You soon will be…

The photographer also admitted that his spending habit became so severe that he soon found he couldn’t go even one day without a little spree. ‘If I didn’t buy anything, I was like, “I have to buy something,” whether it was $70 or $700,’ he said.

And if you’ve ever had a sleepless night, Tommy’s found a fail-safe cure for that too – yep, you guessed it: more shopping. ‘I couldn’t fall asleep one night after the shows, so I was scrounging online to find something to calm myself down. I bought a jacket, which cost me $2,900 including customs and duties, and I was like, “now I can calm down,” and that was at seven in the morning! Then I fell asleep.’ Err, has no-one told this guy about counting sheep?

But surprisingly, despite spending enough to secure a small house on his look, Tommy has never woken up to a large dose of shopper’s remorse. ‘I have not regretted anything,’ he says. ‘But it got to the point where I couldn’t go a day without ordering something online. My favourite sites are Rakuten, eBay, Le Collection His.’

Not content with his success as a photographer, blogger (and serial shopper, appaz), Tommy also told Shopghost that he plans to launch his own designer collection in around five years. I definitely feel that another five years [from now] is probably when I would do a collection. I need to make more friends with certain models, so when the time comes I can be like, “Anja!”’

After all that ‘research’ - *wink* - we’re sure it’ll be a hit, Tommy.

- Zoe Beaty


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