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Spot The Difference: Jessica Simpson Copies Christian Louboutin!

Christian Louboutin Vs. Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson, die-hard wearer of heels even when heavily pregnant (we’re thinking about 14 months from the latest pics), designs her own range of shoes, along with clothing, bag and perfume lines. So far, so predictable. The ‘Evangel’ is listed on her website as the ‘have-to-have shoe of the season’, and we can see why; it’s ruddy lovely. But the more we look at it, the more we get the feeling we’ve seen it somewhere before…

Step forward shoe-maestro Christian Louboutin, a veritable master of arches with a celebrity following longer than a red carpet. Back in 2010, his ‘Staratata’ design was so popular that it was made in a range of colours and finishes. But our favourite was probably the pink and lilac pair…and we’re guessing it was Jessica’s too! Celeb fashion lines are often heavily ‘inspired by’ designer ranges, but these two look like they were separated at birth; it’s like when Lindsay Lohan meets herself in the Parent Trap, except in this case, Lindsay Lohan is a strappy suede stiletto.

Even pregnancy can't keep Jessica from her heels!

Jessica’s shoe designs are available to buy online, alongside the following description; ‘We love the expert mix of criss-crossing suede straps trimmed with glossy patent leather’. We’re assuming Mr. Louboutin is the expert they’re referring to here…


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Julie Zerbo (Thu Apr 05 17:51:18 BST 2012): Definitely a knock-off by Simpson's shoe licensor. Due to the lack of protection for the vast majority of fashion designs and accessories, this is totally legal to do in the US! - www.thefashionlaw.org
Cheryl Familant (Thu Apr 05 18:20:09 BST 2012): There really should be a copyright on design!
Jessie Coco Fame Lyons (Tue Jun 12 23:23:41 BST 2012): The reason why that kind of copyright is not available is because so much in fashion is inspired by someone before them. While I agree that Jessica's shoes is clearly a knock-off, I am happy that we have this as an option because $90 is already a lot for most people to spend on a pair of shoes.