Kids Choice Awards 2012: Kristen Stewart in Stella McCartney, Emma Stone in Antonio Berardi and Katy Perry in Gerlan Jeans!

02 April 2012

Here at Grazia our pulses start racing when the Baftas hit town, come the Oscars we're apopleptic with anticipation, but if you're circa 12 years old then the most exciting awards ceremony in the world (ever!) happened on Saturday. Yup, it was the 25th Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards where all the bright young Hollywood things show up and at least one person is guaranteed to be gunged! So, when you need to be both fun and fash but being slimed is a distinct possibility what does an aspiring celeb wear? Style wise, this is the toughest ticket out there and the results? A decidely mixed bag of wa-waah crazy and oooh-wow wonderful! In the spirit of the school-age audience, we dish out some grades for the class of 2012.

We’re appointing Emma Stone head girl of our fictitious fashion school - her simple Antonio Berardi top and skirt paired with Alejandro Ingelmo Gilda wedges was the perfect combo of pretty, young and flattering (though we’re missing the fiery red locks a smidge). She headed up the cream of the crop (quite literally) as Taylor Swift also looked angelic in white (a Maria Lucia Hohan dress with killer Nicholas Kirkwood ‘Apache’ heels) and Heidi Klum [who got gunged - above], already mistress of school-run chic, pulled off the tricky juggling act of ‘cool mum’ and ‘stylish celeb’.  At the other end of the colour spectrum, but still the recipient of a solid A grade, is Miss Kelly Osbourne. Her super-cute prom dress, softly tousled lilac locks and pink peep-toe shoes were right on song. A-stars all round!

Kristen Stewart’s school report is being stamped with a solid B+, could do better. There’s so much to love about that Stella McCartney frock: it’s short and she looks great in short, it’s a lovely colour (that blue is a really refreshing change on the Vampy one) and the lace is so very pretty (she can definitely do pretty, just LOOK at the girl!). BUT…the shoes veer into Margaret Thatcher territory (one fears a matching bag is hovering just out of shot) and she looks so uncomfortable in it. Kate Middleton would rock it but it needs a dash more hot sauce for Ms Swan.

Not the case for Selena Gomez, who gets a C for her efforts. There’s TOO MUCH hot sauce going on here when the order of the day should have been a bit more material. The hair is delightful, the shoes are covetable and her Dolce & Gabbana crop top and skirt are super trendy, but there’s more than a soupcon of Vegas belly dancer in the mix. Something more age appropriate might have been the saving of this ensemble.

Jada Pinkett Smith’s children might be having a quiet word in their mum’s ear (the one handily exposed by her topographically wonky hairdo) about the dangers of parachute-sized pink pantaloons. The colour is brilliant on her, the earrings are cool and the makeup is dewy, but the multitude of necklaces is overkill and the jean jacket tips it the wrong side of retro.

Ashley Tisdale may not have been gunged but something happened somewhere involving paint splattering and some shears. We’re not fond on the hewn-away hem, especially when paired with such heavy footwear. The whole effort looks a little *whisper it* tacky. And there’s no need for this when the genetic material is so promising. We’re sitting her next to Ms Swift in her next textiles lesson so they can swap tips.

Facing expulsion is Miss Katy Perry, though we’ll settle for detention because we secretly love her out there approach to everything. The outfit she wore to perform was fine [above] but the red carpet offering? At first glance we thought she’d been gunged before the ceremony, maybe in radioactive ectoplasm (well if the Smurfs were her last cartoon inspiration, how long was it going to be before Slimer from Ghostbusters got a look in?). The hair’s still cool, the heels are ten tonnes of awesome but everything in between needs to go. That crop top is unflattering and unsupportive, the skirt is too small when paired with such a tiny top half and the very thought of kids everywhere emulating this fills us with dread. Sorry Katy, after your fash-fabulous Paris marathon we know how well you can do quirky but this horror is earning you an F. See you next term.

Check out our gallery above and let us know who your star style students are.

by Francesca Milton


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