Happy Birthday Lady Gaga! Here Are 26 Of Your Best Fashion Moments

28 March 2012

Ah, Lady Gaga! It’s hard to remember a time before meat dresses, nipple-covers-as-tops and extreme hair topiary but one lady made us a visual gift of all this and more. Yup, in her short reign as queen of crazy couture she’s managed to make de rigeur looks out of packing materials, road markings and crustacea, plus taught us that dressing to the nines is for any time, anywhere! As she celebrates her 26th birthday, what better way to pay homage to the one and only Stephani Germanotta than by picking 26 of her best looks? Strap in and prepare to marvel anew – it’s going to get crazy in here!


The red carpet has ever been the place to pull out all the fashion stops and what better way to trump all other contenders than by deifying yourself with a hair halo and some red lace? Lady Gaga sees your run-of-the-mill red-carpet frock and raises you one dress made entirely of oversized coffee filters. Think you're going to let loose at the after party? Beat a see-through body stocking and nipple guards for your lady bits! All a little bit bonkers for sure, but really kinda fabulous!

So fabulous that she has mega designers clammering to clothe her! Who wasn't a bit in love with her wardrobe when she betrothed it to Versace for a whole month [above centre]? Who didn't gasp at the Armani frock fest that saw her orbiting her very own satellite [above left]? And who didn't sigh in envy as she went Boadiccea-style bold in a beautiful McQueen gown at the VMAs in 2012 [above right]? Even better, so bright is her sartorial star that she has her very own creative team, Haus of Gaga (headed up by none other than fash maestro Nicola Formichetti) to cater to her every outfit whim. She wants an eggshell incubation unit? She gets an eggshell incubation unit! It's the best dressing up box in the world and she's happy to share it with us, joy!

Queen of Quirk she may be but, lest you write her off as a costume horse, behold this pastel palette cleanse - all worn out and about in London! Far from her usual wackitude, this rainbow raiment is nothing short of straight-up ladylike chic. We'd love to get our hands on her stunning Roksanda Illincic colour-block beauty [above centre] topped with Philip Treacy spiral hat (Hello Ascot! Hello Prince Harry!). That lemon sherbert Osman confection [above right]? Sweet and simple! And the juicy tangerine trousersuit with vintage parasol [above left]? She's a girl after our own hearts!

With so many twist and turns it's impossible to guess what she'll don next (sellotape or chiffon?) but we can all agree, it's bound to be a treat!

Check out the gallery above for a rollercoaster ride of Gaga's greats and let us know if you'd give any of them a try (would you? could you?) and which ones you treasure for their (often literally) sheer chutzpah!

by Francesca Milton


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