As Kate and Carole Middleton Share Their Wardrobe, We Ask: Should You Ever Wear Your Mum's Clothes?

27 March 2012 by

Should You Ever Share Your Mum's Clothes?

Angelica Hermon and her mother wear the same pieces - but with a different twist

As you’re no doubt aware, Kate Middleton made her first public address last week.  As you may not be aware, she wore a £139 out-of-season blue Reiss dress to the event, identical to the one worn by her mother, Carole, to Ascot in 2010.
Firstly, breathe: royal aides claim that the dress belongs to Kate, not Carole. But even so, such an occurrence on the most famous woman on the planet (this week) still prompts the question: is it ever acceptable to wear your mother’s clothes?
Within hours of the photos breaking, a straw poll at Grazia HQ revealed a few of us do indeed share the sartorial habits of Kate and Carole. And, if you buy the new issue of Grazia (go on, off you pop) you’ll see photographic evidence. I, for example, am lucky enough to be a stretched out version of my mother, with a similar taste and colouring, meaning every season we can co-buy our clothes both saving money and doubling our wardrobe. Win win win.

As Kate and Carole Middleton Share Their Wardrobe, We Ask: Should You Ever Wear Your Mum's Clothes?

'All my friends borrow pieces from their mums,' says Angelica

A lot of our readers have strong opinions on the subject. To wit on Grazia UK's Facebook page, Deborah Hilliam admitted: ‘I share with my daughter all the time - and why not?’
Eiléen Lee is also pro-wardrobe sharing is acceptable if you come from a long line of fashionistas: ‘If you are lucky enough to have a stylish mother, it's your God-given right to borrow and wear it!’ Total AGREEMENT, Eiléen.
Another reader, Estelle Howell, thinks Kate pillaging her mother’s wardrobe is not only acceptable, it’s responsible… democratic, even: ‘I really like the fact Kate is setting a good example by reusing clothes and not dressing head to toe in designer wear all the time.’
Not everyone agreed though. Alison Sarah responded with ‘NO’ while the majority felt that Carole did wear the dress better.
As someone who regularly strong arms their mother into buying summer knits in pistachio and gold for both our wearing pleasure, I’m a fan of maternal-wardrobe-sharing. The question is – would you, should you and have you? And, if you do, would you admit it to your friends? Let us know in the box below...


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Lorna Liddle (Tue Mar 27 18:14:07 BST 2012): I found the irony of reading this article quite funny as I sat in the hot sun in a dress I was determined was suitable and comfortable for my figure, yet earlier my mam had exclaimed in horror that it did not. I should have listened. The waist rode up, the hem creased and the buttons kept undoing all the way down the front... I knew I should have listened! I share a lot of my mam's clothes, although she is bigger than me I can often pull them off, just wearing them a different way to her. I take her advice (most of the time!) as she was once (before babies!) exactly the same shape as me. She knows what looks good and she has the same skin tone as me which means we generally suit the same stuff, If I see she suits something I know I will too. I definitely think my mam dresses well for her age and I am also not ashamed to say I lend a lot of her stuff!