Madonna Unveils 'Girl Gone Wild' Video: What Do You Make Of All That Skimpy Underwear?

21 March 2012 by

Madonna has just released the video for her latest song, 'Girl Gone Wild', and boy-oh-boy, her skimpy outfits are relentless. We've already reported on the cover for Madge’s single, which was met by mixed reviews about the 53-year-old singer appearing in her undies, but there is no denying that the Princess Queen of Pop is looking absolutely knock-out. Come on, just look at her ripped body!

Never one to shy away from skimpy underwear and revealing sportswear, flashes of Madonna’s hot bod have featured in almost every one of her music videos - and there are a LOT. But the wall-grinding and bondage-style chaining up for this one? Hmm, someone not keen on going down the “ageing gracefully” path then?

So is Lourdes encouraging her mum to parade around in undies like a sprightly teen? Or, and we rather suspect this is the case, is she mortified? One thing we DO love about the video is that sequence with all the male dancers wearing leggings and heels. Brilliantly camp and very Beyonce 'Single Ladies'-esque, no?

And don't those black T-Bar heels look familiar? YES! They're from Madonna's brand new footwear collection for Truth or Dare. Such a professional mogul, this lady.

Check out the video below and let us know YOUR thoughts...



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Nicole Wright (Wed Mar 21 20:22:27 GMT 2012): So what's the big deal? she looks great so flaunt it, We re constantly fed advertising claiming the 'Age Defying Beauty' we all apparently must stive for. Well there you have it Madge is a 'beauty deffinatley. defying age' The embodyment of the body image most off us are all sold on. So what is all the fuss about? Mad donna Its a mad mad mad world!