Kylie Minogue And Jason Donovan Stage A Concert Comeback. Yes, Really!

21 March 2012

There have been a few exciting pop reunions of late, but there are comebacks and then there is the pure unadulterated disco magic that is eighties-heaven-tastic Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan - or Scott and Charlene, however you chose to remember them.

When news reached Grazia HQ that the most wondrous pop pairing of them all would be taking to the stage once more, some of us – early teenyboppers around the glorious period of 1988 – were simply beside ourselves.

The dream duo has yet to confirm which of their chart-toppers they will treat us to (surely it can only be Especially For You? Please, if there is a God in heaven, let it be so!) but it will be quite the spectacle when the Stock Aitken and Waterman gang, including Bananarama, Rick Astley and Sinitta travel through time to perform a special concert in Hyde Park in July.

Certain performers may need to let their stibe washed jeans out an inch or two, but on the whole time has been kind to the old gang (the less said about Jason’s new hair plugs the better).

Granted, Ms Minogue and Mr Donovan had their critics back in the day, but even those who claimed the synthesised sounds of SAW was not ‘proper’ music found their toes tapping to the endless stream of infectious bubble gum wonder hits that unquestionably ruled the charts throughout the 1980s.

“I’ve been saying no for years to a Hit Factory concert,” says Pete Waterman who is celebrating 25 years of his label, “But now the timing feels right.” Oh it does, Pete, it so does!

And since he scored more than 100 top 40 singles in the late 1980’s and 1990s, including classics like You Spin Me Round and Never Gonna Give You Up, we predict no dull moments at this concert.

Dig out those ra-ra skirts and start counting down the days, ladies…


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James Riley (Sat Mar 24 10:04:48 GMT 2012): I'd be amazed is Kylie actually agrees to do this, not that she should be ashamed of her past , but the majority of PWL hits were trashy at best and the whole label wouldn't even be having this re-union if it wasn't for Kylie, who, pro-rata sold more than anyone of those B-listers on the setlist. Steps weren't even anything to do with PWL? PWL was a record label created primarily to launch the first Kylie single, I Should be So Lucky, S.A.W were the producers behind most of those hits not PWL? A lot of those artists weren't even signed to PWL. This is a case of re-writing history just to sell a few tickets and Pete Waterman once again rubbing his own ego by suggesting that it was he, not S.A.W as a trio, that somehow made all those, ahem.... hits....
James Riley (Sat Mar 24 10:07:42 GMT 2012): BTW it was Pete Waterman himself who said in one of his many rambling interviews about himself that PWL was set up specifically to release ISBSL, even though he has since given about 20 different versions of the tale.
Gabriel Archangel (Thu Apr 12 04:09:42 BST 2012): You gotta love Kylie... From mechanic to Goddess. The woman's a global phenomenon and a true (not a media made up) national treasure.
Emily Roberts (Fri Jun 01 12:29:05 BST 2012): O M G!
James Roberts (Fri Jun 01 12:29:49 BST 2012): Has this made your day?
Lucy Roberts (Fri Jun 01 12:34:22 BST 2012): Her life probably!!